Downsizing Setup Looking for Small 2 Way speakers. Selling my Perfect Storm Vapor Audio.

Hi All,

Im on the verge now to downsizing my system for various reasons, I have a baby on the way and we are planning to move out of our home into something more smaller but easier to maintain. My wife is finding the current home too expensive and interior design for our current house on quote is scary.

I placed an order with Vapor Audio The Perfect Storm White Speakers. It was supposed to be installed into a 8 meter long room now we are planning to move out and I never took delivery for the speakers. They are up for sale on Audiogon and so are brand new Atma-Sphere MA2 Amplifiers. SInce the speaker is 94DB the Atma-sphere would be ideal. However these amps are large and for a small room I cant justify keeping this much power.

So I have decided to sell everything I have and start again for something smaller.

Im looking for a 2 Way horn speaker which is suitable for a small room the size of the room is approx. If horn is not possible then something with an AMT or Raal Ribbon. I may purchase a subwoofer later on to add to the system.

I prefer horns more but something which is smooth. Iv been looking at the JBL Horns speakers but they are more studio range and not sure if this would be ideal.

My room size:

3 Meters long by 3. 2 meters wide.

Distance from speaker approx. 1.8 meters.

2 Seating position

DAC and Pre-amp I am just to buy. I have some theatre Quested Studio Amplifiers at hand.

I REALLY like my Adam F7 2-way actives (60 watt woofer; 40 watt ART tweeter). Clean, clear, and smooth. They are billed as "studio monitors" but do not let that scare you off. These are for all-day enjoyable listening. And support your move to downsizing as they are internally powered. Excellent sound.
Any suggestion for a horn speaker? or older 2 way smaller horns? the JBL horns are not smooth enough.

Not tried the Adams yet. are these near field?
hey dragon, i'm somewhat in a similar situation...i'm trying to sell my Vapor Nimbus Black for something smaller without sacrificing too much of the frequency response...i'm looking at Boenicke W8's your case, if you want a horn monitor, then there's nothing better than the dc10audio Berlin R a search on the internet...
Thanks i will take a look. Need to find out whats the min listening distance as with horns they can be picky.
"Not tried the Adams yet. are these near field? "
I believe so. But since you will be only 1.8 meters from them I suspect they may work out.

Im looking into them and the LS50 to see if i can pair it with a smaller faster subwoofer as well, but there are other speakers i have in mind too. Not sure if the KEF will live up to expectation.

I recently purchased some Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1's with the soft domes, but I know they have the Sierra 2's with the Raal tweeters.  Surprised by their lower end extension.  I know they have a 30 day in home demo as well. 
in smaller spaces, I have found the closed pipe designs satisfying. The Abbeys are really nice looking as well.  I agree that a smaller subwoofer would be helpful, I run mine with Vandersteen W2 with an updated amplifier in the mountain cabin as the main system, but listen mostly to classical music , lots of chamber and choral things. What kind of music are you favoring?
I apologize for not stating which abbeys, not the ancient Geddes but the Cain and Cain. I have not heard their subwoofer but have heard about them, may be worth a hearing
I am in a very similar situation, looking for desktop speakers and I'm interested in trying both a horn variety and a RAAL ribbon. I really the suggestion of the dc10 Berlin R for a horn. I will check that out. For a RAAL version, I am going to go with Selah Audio ( I've worked with Rick on a front LCR set and 2 subs. He is great to work with and his stuff is fantastic. He loves RAAL tweeters. 
dc10audio briton or berlin.
avantgarde zero.
There are limited LF extension horn kits out there.
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+1 DC10audio for small horns. I’ve heard them at several shows where they sounded fine without shouting.
Hi guys,

Still not decided. I'm waiting for both my new amp and speakers to sell off till I decide on what to get. At this moment I an leaning towards a tube pre amp and an active speaker amp setup. Possible a smaller 6 inch driver with a single sub.

Just waiting for my stuff to sell so I. Can decide on where the funds will go.

for modern Horns check out  Avantegarde acoustics their nano setup is amazing and can be run with a small set tube amp 2a3c are nice imo.  
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Based on your room size and desire for a ribbon tweeter, I think that the NEAT Iota would be worth an audition.  Incredible detail and robust sound that belies their size.  They even come in a variety of colors to blend into your room.
You would be hard pressed to do better than a pair of Omega Super Alnico monitors.  One of the best monitors I've heard.