Sophia Electric is not honest

Sophia Electric tries to portray itself as an American company. As far as I know everything is made in China including their amps and tubes. Be careful in dealing with Sue as she often is less than truthful. Has anyone else had bad dealings with these people?
I deal with Sophia semi-regularly. I don't think they are dishonest.  Communication leaves something to be desired in that they can be out-of-stock and not tell you till after you order.  

They are a marketing company.  I don't think it is a secret that their tubes are made by Shuguang and TJ Fullmusic. 

I have not heard their amps are produced in China.  If that is the case, their margins must be spectacular since they are charging western prices and explicitly say their amps are made in Virginia.  Who told you or what evidence do you have that their amps are made in China?
I had a very positive experience when I dealt with them several years ago after purchasing a pair of their 300b Royal Princess.
It says that their amplifiers are hand made in USA. But I see a lot of mr and ms Wugang in the about us page... infer from that what you will about where these amps are coming from most likely.
Chances are they were assembled in USA .
It's legal to say  made in  if  so .
They build them in their factory in Virginia. I infer that they are of Chinese descent living in the US in a state called Virginia. I've had several of their amps before; both said Made in the USA.
I have brought several Integrated Amps from them in the past 7 years and they have all been very reliable.  As for questions and support they have always been responsive.  I'm sure a lot of the parts that are used are source from China...but what isn't these days.  Chinese sourced components can be just as reliable as components produced here in the USA, Japan or South Korea as long as you know what you are buying.  It is my understanding that they assemble the bulk of there amplifiers here in the USA.  In the seven years that I have used their products...reliability has not been an issue.  They maybe sourcing all or most of their tubes from other Chinese companies but that is OK with me.  It saves me the hassle of having to deal with an oversea company directly.  I have also always been offered the opportunity for in home trials with no obligation to buy with full refunds or credits for other products upon returning an item that was not to my liking.

According to a very reputable tech here in Northern Virgina the 2003 EL34 A/B amp I own was assembled in the U.S. from Chinese parts. As long as the q.c. is good, there's no problem with Chinese parts. I had a Chifi class A amp for many happy years. 'twas a tech here in the U.S. that finally killed it.

I have tried dealing with Sophia Electric.  Found them to be the least honest company I have ever encountered.  Recommend none of their tubes based on tube quality, warranty requests, and knowledge.  The hype alone should make one run away.  Wonder why they do not have customer comments posted...wonder...
Bought a rectifier tube for my Decware pre amp.  It was much better than what it replaced.  I don't remember any issues with the purchase.
If I had great gear like you, I would never consider Chinese stuff either.
I bought their 274b mesh and it fell apart. I was pulling it out with two hands and the glass bulb sperated from the base the leads came out of the pin sockets with out breaking. Tube is few months old with 20 hours on it. I went on rave reviews and recommendation from Woo. Well Sophia won't helpe so Woo is going to fix it for $50. I would but have no clue which lead goes into each socket. If these are just FullMusic tubes better to buy direct. Obviously the process of picking the best tubes by some engineers didn't work out in my case. 
Will not get Chinese made gear NEVER!!

There is China in your gear now.

Sofia Electric  the most unbelievable crap ever....lie cheat me !!!

I hate headlines as the Op posted.  Why not just say....thoughts on Sophia Electric.  In essence, you are pronouncing them guilty without stating specific dishonest actions.  People love to pounce on Audiogon.  

Back about fourteen or fifteen years ago I bought a used Sophia Baby Electric from an executive of Sophia who told me he was selling it because he had it in his office system, and he had received a promotion within the company which necessitated him moving back to China. That made it pretty clear this was a Chinese company. I still have the amp and it works well in a secondary basement system.

The decorative metal plate came off my early Sophia EL 34 A/B amplifier.

The excellent tech at Pro-Tech Services, Bob, recommended I not put it back on, even with Gorilla glue. If the conductive decoration has slipped even a little lots of pins would be shorted.

Bad design. It sounds quite good, though.

Does anyone out there have a spec. sheet for this amplifier (Sophia EL 34 A/B)?

Sophia now denies having any documentation. These are not my favorite people!

Looks like the title is not quite accurate, and in bad form. The title should be changed to an accurate statement.

@koh_i_noor it is from 2020, get a grip. Not the first time these claims have been made. 

My interpretation.Having knowledge of international trade laws I can stipulate that if a manufacturer declares that the product is “Made in USA” then it has to have been constructed in that country.Conversely if it the logo says “Product of or Assembled in the USA” then the parts therein can be from any other country.

Would be interesting to see how Sophia Electric gets around this.

A whole lot of xenophobia in this thread mixed with a fair amount of racism. The complaint about a broken tube made me laugh though. People do know tubes are made of glass? Never pull a tube from the glass envelope. Grab the base.
Sophia Electric is a American company from the beginning that was funded by a Chinese investor. Not sure whether he is an immigrant of not but the products are made in USA in Virginia. Some things are manufactured in China, just like products made by Marantz, and a whole host of other "American" products. They make very good triode tubes. That I can attest to. Good luck starting a vacuum tube manufacturing business on US soil.

Personally  I have bought from them four times. Everything  Everything has come quickly. Each time has been sets of tubes. Personally  I wish they made  more tubes as I have found them musicality  satisfying.  I like the fact that I can order from on brand new tubes that sound very good. I cannot say that about other companies  products.  I have bought s pair of 274 rectifier  tubes from them a quad of kt88s a pair of 6sn7 and a pair of 6sl7  tubes been very pleased with each purchase.  I need to buy two octets  of EL34's  from them at some point.  

I understand that some of us choose not to purchase Chinese-made products for political reasons. Fine. But the baiting and xenophobia is completely unnecessary, IMO.

AFAIK, all Sophia amps are made in the U.S.A. except for the Baby amp line, which they disclaim on the website that this is a made-in-China product. I'm sure that "made" means assembled and tested in the U.S., which is about all anyone can claim these days.

I had a Sophia Baby amp once upon a time in my office, maybe 2006 or so. It was a great little amp, especially for the price. Honestly, it was much better than the McIntosh receiver it replaced.