Setting VTA on a VPI Scout

I recently purchased a used Scout with JMW 9 arm. I am using a Shure M97 XE cartridge. Can someone explain in very easy terms what I am looking for when raising/lowering the arm to adjust for vta? I have left the vta where the previous owner had it, but I want to be able to dial in the sound. From what I understand, the stylus should be parallel to the record? I would love to hear from other Scout owners on how they were able to adjust it
Parallel to the record is a great place to start.
After that ,read this:

TT Set-Up

This should help.
I have found that having the arm slant slightly down toward the pivot USUALLY sounds better to me but there is no hard and fast rule. If you have a good quality stylus there is less danger tracking at slightly higher weight than too low. I am a VPI dealer and have been setting up tables since the 60s but the main thing I have discovered in that time is that it is a time consuming trial and error process.
I would agree with Stanwal - the rule of having the top of the cartridge parallel with the record doesn't work with the M97; for the M97 to sound it's best the back of the tonearm has to somewhat lower than the front. Also use the Shure protractor that comes with the M97 to set the overhang; I've tryed several protractors and the Shure protractor works the best. I set the tracking force at 1.2 grams.