Setup with three speakers, smart tv, and wireless amp/receiver


So, I was finally able to get ahold of the Blueroom/Scandyna Minipods (a pair of unique-looking stereo speakers), and as part of the sale, I also received the Cinepod (a center channel speaker). Some information on the speakers on the following link:


While I do have a smart TV and would like to utilize the speakers for movies time-to-time, listening to my music collection on the PC is more of a priority. 


I originally planned to buy something like Bluesound Powernode (wireless DAC/AMP), so that I could stream my music collection to it. Getting a center speaker complicates things a bit, as I don't believe that I can power it from something like Powernode - rather I need to buy a receiver.


Now the question becomes, for LISTENING TO MUSIC, would having a center speaker improve the sound? I did some search and I heard different opinions..


I heard the Minipods are pretty decent-sounding, except that they lack a bit of bass. The Cinepods do have a wider frequency response (  28 - 22.000 Hz ( ± 3dB ) VS 55 - 22.000 Hz ( ± 3dB ) of minipod), but I don't know if that translates to a better bass. Also, if I were to incorporate the center speaker, I would be powering it through a receiver (Denon?) rather than a more specialized amp like the Powernode.


If the answer to the question is YES, then I would be inclined to forego the Powernode and go for a quality wireless receiver (any recommendations for a good one that also looks sleek?). 


If the answer to the question is NO, then I would get the Powernode and think about adding a subwoofer sometime in the future. I might also try to find a cheap receiver just so that I can incorporate the center speaker when I am watching movies on my smart TV. 


Or, I can just sell the center speaker and simplify the setup with Powernode + two speakers (and maybe  a subwoofer down the road). My living room has a modern, minimal decor, so there is some motivation to keep things simple. But I am guessing, at least for movies, the center channel would be of help. 


I would appreciate any answers to my questions and any other recommendations that you might have.




Personally I would ditch the center , buy a Powernode and call it a day   Add sub when funds allow 

Very few of us listen to music with a center.  Music is 99.9999% recorded today in 2 channels, Left and Right.  To use a center you have to find some way to create a center signal, unlike movies which now have a discrete center signal.

Those methods include Neo6, Dolby Music mode, etc. Some incarnation has been around for decades by various makers and they haven't really taken off.

So, my messge to you is that if a center channel makes it complicated don't do it.

Audioholics is a good source to read about listening to multi channel music. I am sure you can find It on YouTube or their website. It is not personally for me but some of their writers seem to like it.