SF Amati vs Serafino

I moved into a new house and it has a room that is 19’x17’ with a sloped ceiling going from 7’ to 14’.  I am going to use this space as a dedicated listening room and media room.  I currently have the SF Guarneri Traditions with a pair of Rel S812 subs, but am thinking of upgrading to either the Amati or the Serafino Tradtion.  I have the Vox center channel so it really comes down to these two (plus my wife loves the looks).  Is the Amati too much for this room?  I am going to treat the room but it is a closed off room with a single door and wonder if the Serafino might be a better match for the space.  

I went from Olympica 3 with 2 subs to Amati Traditional in my 24’ x 32’ room. The difference was spectacular. These are correctly sized for my room. Sounds like the Serafino might be the right size for room. But it is highly room dependent and the Amati’s are really a step up in sound.. My dealer is a big proponent of right sizing. His discouraged me in thinking about going up to the next level (Liliium) as they would be too much for the room. He has installed high end systems for over 20 years and struggled when folks buy speakers too big for their room.

I know my dealer would get me a set of Serafino’s and if I decided I wanted the larger in a few months would allow me to upgrade without any financial loss.

I liked not having the subwoofers. More coherent sound, for me. I suspect you will loose a bit of imaging, which is the strength of small stand mounted speakers.
Given the slope of the ceiling, I suspect that the answer will depend on the orientation of the speakers and listening position. A local dealer might be able to help, otherwise contact Sonus North America directly, they have a national sales rep located in NYC.

I am not an expert, but would suspect that placing the speakers where the ceiling is 7 ft and letting the sound expand to the 14 ’ would be best with least reflections.

As to sound, I have the Amati Traditions and have heard the Serafino at the local dealer. Given the choice, get the Amati’s. The soundstage, the articulation, the timbre, etc is considerably better.

Contact me privately if you want names of dealers or Sonus NA
Thanks for the replies.  Right now I have the Guarneri’s on the long wall under the 7’ part of the ceiling and it slopes over my head to the ‘back’ wall.  I will probably keep this configuration though it would be nice to put the screen on the short wall but not sure what that will do to the sound to have the ceiling slope from side to side.  I can play with placement but first want to make sure I get the right speakers.  I have not treated the room yet so the Guarneri’s have not had a chance to open up in this room.
@mobiusmu  Sounds like you have an excellent room to place any speaker. Your current set up may rival the new Amati's. If you go with a larger speaker, i would definitely place them the same way you have the GT's. I would treat the room first and enjoy the results with the GT's before changing speaker.