Shindo/Audio Physic speakers

Has one experienced Shindo Montrachet with Audio Physic Scorpio 25s?
Audio Physics are terrific WITH a high-end quality build Euro amp and source AND quality high-end cables to do them justice and permit them to perform to their max.

They will reveal all the ugly warts and big weaknesses in your setup so I would not chintz or try to fake it with a crummy supporting cast
Just to clarify my prior post ....

I have no direct experience with the Shindo gear and I mean to disrespect to them at all .... Hence I have no opinion as to their specific suitability with the AP speaker line

The AP line was on my list when I went the upgrade route.( I did not buy them )

I've heard the Audio Physics sound great with the proper high end electronics that create system synergy, and I've heard them sound bloody awful with the "wrong" system.

The point with AP speakers in my experiences:

System synergy matters big time with them .... I wouldn't risk a blind purchase .
Similar experience with Caldera's. Horrible with my marantz av receiver but a magical transformation w pass labs 30.8
I agree with Akg_ca about a blind purchase, particularly with a Shindo amplifier. Years ago I heard a 40 watt per channel Shindo stereo amp (I think it might have been the Montrachet, I get their wines mixed up) in my dealer's room sound absolutely superb with a pair of speakers (I believe it was Wilsons). I tried it at home between my Jadis preamp and the satellite speakers of my system, which were an easy load for most amps I'd used (Jadis JA80s, Lamm ML-1s), and the sound was rolled-off and lifeless, the exact opposite of what I heard in the showroom. Mind you, I love the Shindo sound, now own a Monbrisson preamp, so I would have expected great sound, but the combination just didn't work. Unless you can get to hear the combination together, I would be wary.
Those are 4 ohm speakers, no? Shindo is made for 8-16 ohm. Probably a horrible match.
I own Shindo electronics. I've listened to the Montrachet extensively. I've heard most of the Audio Physics line up. I've never heard them together but I can't imagine them being good together.
I have Audio Physic Classic 30's. I played them with my MC275 tube amps in mono and my MC601 SS amps in mono. I prefer the way they sound with lots of SS power. Shindo are great amps but I don't believe they have enough power to drive AP speakers to their best.
Despite how things look on paper (I don't put the same kind of faith into specs as I once did), many of the first and second generation Audio Physic loudspeakers prove quite easy to drive.

For example, I've heard various systems using the Tempo and Virgo of this vintage with lower (8 - 30 wpc) power tube amplification. Most often, the results sounded stellar.