Shindo + Lowther?

I am looking for a decent speaker for my Shindo Aurieges&Montille combo. Source is Garrard301.
What do you think of using Lowther in Henlund horns with Shindo?
I can't comment on the PHY-Ps but a friend has Lowthers in custom cabinets powered by Coincident Frankensteins with 300Bs and it just sounds incredible. Unbelievable tonality, presence and slam for such a small driver. From my limited experience the 300Bs have more bottom end than the EL84s or 6v6 in the Montille, but I'm sure it will still sound pretty sweet.
Agree with Team that the PHY driver is a far more neural top to ottom driver than Lowther. It also extends much lower than any Lowther and you may not feel the need for a sub.