Shindo Vosne Romanee / MC240 / Linn LP12 / ProAc & Altec - DAC?

hey everyone, 

As I mentioned in my previous post - I am relatively new to the Audio world. It's been an incredible experience thus far. 

My current set up is 

Shunyata D6 with XC Cord ->

Powers my LP12 Majik with a Vintage Ekos Arm, Krystal MC Cart & Lingo Power Supply  >

Shindo Vosne Romanee with Shindo Silver Interconnects into an MC240. 

The MC240 is powering ProAC D20 with Tweeters. Currently I have ProAC Cables & demoing some Naim. I just purchased A23 but waiting for them to be made. 

I have a pair of Altec 19s which I haven't yet picked up but can't wait. And I am also waiting on the A23 T2 Hommage that I will move the LP12 from the MC Input to the MM with T2

The set up is In a pretty big room, not sure the dimensions, but sizable. 


A few questions -

1. the MC240 Uses Spade connecters - luckily Aural HiFi had it outfitted with some spade to banana adapters. I also found Cardas has some adapters. Do you think this is better or should I try to get A23 to build the cables with Spade? I guess luckily, compared to some of the cables from Shunyata - they are a much nicer priced

2. What is the thought on isolation? I am curious if there is a table that everyone likes? Or is spikes the way to go? To be honest - I haven't really looked so much into yet. 

3. I know everyone likes the Mr.T Shindo - but I think with the Shunyata it's not really needed. It also seems that everyone says that the Vosne Romanee should be plugged in directly to the wall - so not really sure this is needed. 

4.  I mostly listen to Vinyl but that being said, when friends come over - I feel like it's sometimes easier to put on Spotify and use bluetooth. Is there any DAC or something digital that you guys think you fit in nicely?

5. What are thoughts on Subs? Think it would really be needed in this system?





@soundandmadeira91 I had been told by a Shindo dealer that their amps work best with high impedance speakers, preferably > 8 ohms... and the Altec 19's are 8 ohm speakers, with a decline @ 130 Hz.  So while Shindo would likely be a synergistic pairing with higher impedance Altec's, the model 19's don't fall in that category.


Shindo uses 16ohm versions of the altec drivers.

Altec drivers such as the 604 originally came in 16ohms, but later on changed to 8 ohm drivers.

For your Altec 19 stay with your MC240. Best I've heard the Altec 19's was with some McIntosh MI200 monos.