Shindo Vosne Romanee / MC240 / Linn LP12 / ProAc & Altec - DAC?

hey everyone, 

As I mentioned in my previous post - I am relatively new to the Audio world. It's been an incredible experience thus far. 

My current set up is 

Shunyata D6 with XC Cord ->

Powers my LP12 Majik with a Vintage Ekos Arm, Krystal MC Cart & Lingo Power Supply  >

Shindo Vosne Romanee with Shindo Silver Interconnects into an MC240. 

The MC240 is powering ProAC D20 with Tweeters. Currently I have ProAC Cables & demoing some Naim. I just purchased A23 but waiting for them to be made. 

I have a pair of Altec 19s which I haven't yet picked up but can't wait. And I am also waiting on the A23 T2 Hommage that I will move the LP12 from the MC Input to the MM with T2

The set up is In a pretty big room, not sure the dimensions, but sizable. 


A few questions -

1. the MC240 Uses Spade connecters - luckily Aural HiFi had it outfitted with some spade to banana adapters. I also found Cardas has some adapters. Do you think this is better or should I try to get A23 to build the cables with Spade? I guess luckily, compared to some of the cables from Shunyata - they are a much nicer priced

2. What is the thought on isolation? I am curious if there is a table that everyone likes? Or is spikes the way to go? To be honest - I haven't really looked so much into yet. 

3. I know everyone likes the Mr.T Shindo - but I think with the Shunyata it's not really needed. It also seems that everyone says that the Vosne Romanee should be plugged in directly to the wall - so not really sure this is needed. 

4.  I mostly listen to Vinyl but that being said, when friends come over - I feel like it's sometimes easier to put on Spotify and use bluetooth. Is there any DAC or something digital that you guys think you fit in nicely?

5. What are thoughts on Subs? Think it would really be needed in this system?





I am very jealous of that preamp. I have wanted to audition Shindo stuff for a long time. But haven’t had the opportunity. I’ve, lived in Japan for a couple years and really get where the soul of it comes from.

I’d love to see photos of your system and venue. There is a place to put photos under your user ID to create your virtual system. Click around. It is easy to use when you find it.

I’ll take a stab at a few of your questions:

2. I use Silent Running Audio VR series isolation platforms. It’s a bit of an up front investment, but they are effective, easy to use and look nice.

3. I don’t use power conditioners, but do have dedicated 20 amp lines run to my audio system.

4. I use digital exclusively (no vinyl). Many opinions out there and you can spend as little as $1,500 on an entry level streamer paired with an entry level DAC. I’ve used Bluos with an external DAC, which is a good dependable introduction to streaming. Also tried an Aurender N10, but it was very glitchy, even after sending it back to the US Service Center, so I’d stay away from Aurender (but many seem to love their products). Innuos seems to get a lot of love, with few, if any detractors... so I’d give them serious consideration and pair it with a DAC of your choosing. I use a ROON Nucleus paired with an IFi Zen Stream ROON endpoint/streamer and a Weiss 202 DAC... I love it, but I don’t recommend it for a newbie, unless you are technically inclined or have patience with electronics/IT stuff. You may want to go to a reputable dealer that has return privileges, as digital can get tricky and some systems might not play nice with your cable/wireless provider.

5. I have Altec Model 19’s and find that as long as the amp pairs well with them, you should not need a sub as Model 19’s have excellent bass, assuming your amp is a good fit. I’ve found out the hard way that despite the 19’s high efficiency rating, they really benefit from more power than you’d think. I tried some low power 300B SET amps, none of which had enough juice to put out adequate bass or dynamics. The best amps I’ve used with it are higher powered tube amps. If you are unable to get strong bass and dynamics from the MC 240, you’ll either need a more powerful amp (> 75 wpc), or go back to Proac’s or maybe Splendor’s. I’ve never been successful in implementing subs with previous speakers and I’m just not a fan. Trust that the 19’s have ample bass, slam and dynamics when paired with the right amplifier. They are special speakers, but can take a bit of work with regards to tweaking upstream gear to maximize their potential. Feel free to message me privately if you want to discuss 19’s, as I’ve refurbished my drivers and added new crossovers and have tried at least 7 amps with them.

@pdreher : I agree that the Altec 19 benefits from more power. Instead of a tube amp like an MC275 the Benchmark AHB2 would be a better choice - and costs less!

The Bluesound Node 2 with its built-in DAC is a good affordable way to add streaming.

I love the MC240 for the story and warmth of sound. I think the reality is that at some point Shindo Monoblocks will come into play but I feel like the 240 has more than enough power to drive the 19s and certainly the ProAc


The sounds of ProAc with Linn and MC and Shindo is incredibly sexy. 

I think if I am going to add in a DAC then I’d like for it to standby the Vosne. Because the reality is that if the sound isn’t remarkable then I’ll just never use it and tell me friends to flip the vinyl 😂. I don’t mind spending but after buying a Magnum 3 and then weeks later jumping into Shindo, I’d rather not waste the money and upgrade later


#3. In my experience, Mr. T would further enhance the performance of Vosne Romanee and rest of your system. If you get a chance to compare, I think you may find that you won’t need D6 anymore. I have compared Mr. T with power conditioners costing 5x-7x more and found Mr. T to convey music naturally without any coloration. 

#4. Consider Bluesound Node X or Innuos Pulse Series for streaming tunes. 

#5. As far as sub goes, it’s an experience that must hear to access. Adding subs and integrate them properly is like adding more meat on the bones. Once you hear them in your system, chances are you won’t wanna live without them. I recommend a pair of REL’s with high level connection. 

I can only respond to #1. The best connector is no connector. Even worse than any single connector is using a connector to a connector. Using an adapter between a spade connector that is fixed to the end of your wire and a banana jack is not a good idea. Decide whether you want to use the spade straight in, or not. If you want to use a banana connection, then remove the spade connector and solder on the proper male banana plug. (There are some very nice ones that essentially consist of a piece of copper or plated copper formed into a banana shape; simplest is best. Can't recall the brand.) Better yet, if you can fix bare wire to the amplifiers, do that.

As to the rest, you have a fairly sophisticated system for someone who claims to be "new to the audio world". What you will get here is naught but a collection of opinions from a variety of individuals who won’t even agree with each other on what you need or what you should do (including me). Follow your ears, is my advice. For example, I wouldn’t have a Linn TT, but many sane persons love them.

"I love the MC240 for the story and warmth of sound. I think the reality is that at some point Shindo Monoblocks will come into play but I feel like the 240 has more than enough power to drive the 19s and certainly the ProAc


The sounds of ProAc with Linn and MC and Shindo is incredibly sexy. "

I have a VR and Shindo monos. My only thought is if you enter Shindo amps in to the mix, it would not be a good match for the ProAc. 


Nor would Shindo be a good match for the 8 ohm Altec’s, despite their high efficiency rating. I’ve read Model 19’s have an impedance dip at 130 ohms that makes them difficult to drive... and my experience trying numerous amps with them backs that up.

@soundandmadeira91 I had been told by a Shindo dealer that their amps work best with high impedance speakers, preferably > 8 ohms... and the Altec 19's are 8 ohm speakers, with a decline @ 130 Hz.  So while Shindo would likely be a synergistic pairing with higher impedance Altec's, the model 19's don't fall in that category.


Shindo uses 16ohm versions of the altec drivers.

Altec drivers such as the 604 originally came in 16ohms, but later on changed to 8 ohm drivers.

For your Altec 19 stay with your MC240. Best I've heard the Altec 19's was with some McIntosh MI200 monos.