Speaker recommendation for Shindo D'Yquem amps (Vosnee-Romanee pre)...

Hello = My listening room is 13x12x8. I had a pair of Devore O/96's with which I have since parted ways. They had LOVELY tonality but I'd like to have that magical mid-range with more of a 3D, layered presentation, and larger soundstage. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, asa, there's so much I should know that I don't already! BTW, has my fiance been venting to you?
Hello Asa,
The LM 755i is a single driver speaker.  Do you forsee frequency extremes or music genre limitations as a result? I know you have very good ears and taste 😊  In some respects I can imagine this combination being virtually sublime. 
A23 Solovox, or their current Homage 755 or Homage Ken. I have heard great things about DC Audio as well.