Shipping heavy speakers freight options

Hi all,

I’m shipping a pair of Vandersteen Treo speakers in their original boxes across the country to their new owner.  Vandersteen tells me that the boxes are designed to only travel upright, and therefore freight is the only real option.  UPS store is quoting enormous figures for the two boxes (approx $700 for just the shipping).  I’m sure I’m not the first person with this issue.  What freight options work the best?
U Ship shipped my pair of 3a sigs with no problems.
These are many owner-operated shippers who make their living shipping within their routes. U ship seems to vet them well.
If not U Ship, I would find a shipper who can put them on a pallet-much like Vandersteen does.
Roadrunner Freight was contracted by the Wilson Audio dealer in the Seattle area to deliver my Wilson Sophias to Houston Texas for half that much with no issues would seek them out my self if needed.