Shipping to Canada? Don't use UPS

Shipping to Canada? I strongly discourage anyone from using UPS. They will try to charge outrageuos sums for 'brokerage fees' etc. at point of delivery when the package is within reach and a mere VISA swipe away. They know few can resist the anticipation of a package arriving, so most people just surrender their cash and pay their fees - no matter how outrageous.

They charged me 37$ in fees for a 50$ CDR-Drive, last week they wanted 22$ in brokerage fees for speaker cables worth 19$. Last year when my Linn amp arrived, they wanted 120$ to release it into my hands. I paid the fees because I didn't want to refuse the shipment and risk damage to the amp, annoyance to the sender, and further shipping expenses. UPS will do this every time.

Fedex on the other hand recently delivered a bike worth $750. It arrived in 4 days from California with no charges, just a smile and a thank you. And that's how they are every time. Same goes for USPS, - just perhaps without the smile.

I have no affiliation with any of these companies.
True for UPS, but be careful with Fedex, their bills usually come 1 mth later, they still charge the brokerage , just matter of time, USPS is the best way to ship to Canada.
Fedex is just as bad.Just last week $42.50 brokerage and fees(not including taxes) on a 400 dollar processor.You will probably get a bill in the mail.USPS is always a $5 brokerage fee.
I think you have to educate yourself there are UPS Standard, UPS Express, Postal, Fedex and Fedex Ground. You have to learn when to use which service depand on the weight, size, distance, tracking and the declared value of the package you are shipping.

If you do not have the knowledge, you better do your trading within Canada. Good luck.
I've had the same results. UPS once charged me $94 for a set of jumpers I paid $150 for. Ridiculous.

I think you may be on to something. Last year, I paid UPS in full for an amp to be delivered to Canada. Then, at the last minute, because I forgot to check some box on their paperwork they charged the recipient an extra $30 for no good reason. I was not pleased and neither was the buyer although the deal went through as planned.

Since then, I've been reluctant to have dealings with anyone in Canada just because you never know what Customs delays or brokerage fees you'll encounter. These guys (maybe Customs and not UPS?) really do hold your goods hostage, knowing they've got you over a barrel.

I've also noticed on ebay that whenever I see a good deal from Canada the items seem to sell for much less than they would in the case of a strictly US domestic sale.

From what you say, maybe by using the USPS or FedEx, dealing in Canada could be less of a hassle.

Thanks for posting.
Fedex will send you a bill later, you will pay the taxes and brokerage fee, they don't charge you at your door. Use USPS, you will only pay about $5 canadian, plus two tax.
My experience is that "don't use UPS" is always good advice, no matter where the item is headed.
In my experience the most seamless way to send items that won't break in transit (cords, remotes, etc.) is USPS/Canada Post. This being true regardless of point of origin.
Nice subject. I resently bought a Tuner from a member in Canada. The seller sent it by Canada Post and it's been sitting in a warehouse up there for two weeks. I now understand why a large number of Classified Ad's state "USA Only". I don't know who's or whats holding it up but I will not be buying from outside the States again.
"The seller sent it by Canada Post and it's been sitting in a warehouse up there for two weeks"

I assume you're reading the tracking info. My answer to that is that the USPS has *NO CLUE* what to do with Canada Post barcodes, so they don't scan them. The fact the last scan was in a Canadian warehouse means nothing. That's often the last scan I see on my packages going to the US, then I get an e-mail from the buyer saying they've received the package and all is well.

Back to the discussion at hand. If you import using USPS, $5 gets you "when we get around to it" brokerage by Canada Customs. Could take a few days, could take a few weeks, I've had one package take 2 months. You may pay FedEx and UPS more money, but you get fast service. If you're close to the port of entry, you can always self-clear and avoid brokerage though.
thanks for the education Drew between you and the seller I am feeling a lot better.
I spoke too soon - just received a bill from FedEx for the bike that I received. They want $90 - roughly half for brokerage fees, rest tax and duty. There is no easy way to buy stuff across the border. Canada customs is a pain in the arse!