Shipping via UPS.

I just shipped an item via UPS, COD and insured. Well, UPS did an excellent job getting the package there. They left the package at the door, collected no money, and there, BINGO, is UPS in all it's glory. My warning to fellow audiophiles is to always INSURE items, use Fed-Ex for big ticket items - say over a couple thousand $$, but don't just send UPS ground and forget about it. Last 2 weeks ago, UPS left $2,000 worth of equipment at door, even though the package had a "adult signature required" sticker on it. Can you imagine losing several thousand dollars worth of stuff and then have to cough up legal expenses while fighting UPS in court for 18 months. Not a pretty sight.
You are implying that you will not be paid. You will. Ups will pay for the item had it been lost and will pay you even if the driver did not collect the money. It is the companies fault and it will take the lost if there is one. Most likely the person that you shipped to will be contacted and pay for the shipment. You have a right to be upset but this is simple to resolve. Maybe inconvient but simple.
I just had a huge nightmare with ups. I would strongly recomend going somewere else
I have had just as bad luck recently with bot UPS and FedEx. Both have destroyed equipment in well packed boxes marked FRAGILE ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT and both have been a pain to get them to cough up the insurance money. Most stuff arrives OK but you never know. Within CA several high end dealers are using trucking compainies even for stuff that could go UPS or FedEx for just that reason.
they like to break things and be difficult afterwards( a different person and different answer everytime you call) but their prices are the best and they will pay fpr damage. Do you feel lucky?
Why was my package damaged? Your package was damaged because it wasn't packed right! Why wasn't it packed right? It wasn't packed right because it was damaged. If it was packed right, it wouldn't be damaged! Do you guys all work for Tony Soprano? No, some of us still work for Uncle Junior!
Why was my package damaged? Your package was damaged because it wasn't packed right! Why wasn't it packed right? It wasn't packed right because it was damaged. If it was packed right, it wouldn't be damaged! Do you guys all work for Tony Soprano? No, some of us still work for Uncle Junior!
We shipped UPS almost daily from mid 1989 Feb 1997. We finally stopped. We had only one item damaged, BUT, we quadruple packed and double boxed EVERYTHING we shipped. This took about 15 minutes to 2+ hours per shipment. We finally had to stop. We were spending 3/4 of each day packaging items to prepare them for UPS war. Also, the tracking and COD problems with UPS were a nightmare. Ever been told: "someone will call you back in an hour"? I think the UPS people are silently laughing when they tell you this. We have had very good luck wih FED EX, and for CODs, they can't be beat (one day to get your check back, not 2-8 weeks to never), but by far, DHL is the best, and the most expensive. We ship DHL next day air usually less than the UPS or FED EX 3 day rate (which isn't much more than the take forever to get there ground rate). Customers love geting their packages in, typically, 17-20 HOURS (!) from the time we ship them. So little time in transit cuts down on the possibility for dalage or loss. For any of you who think UPS is less epxpensive than UPS, you are WRONG. If you are comparing UPS ground to FED EX Air, then you are something I won't mention here. Compare UPS 1, 2, or 3 day to FED EX 1, 2, or 3 day. There about the same. Compare FED EX 1 day costs to UPS ground? What will your next comparison be: A Pinto to a Lamborghini? Package your items for war, and sentd them by UPS ground. OR Save the time and potential problems and send them by DHL or FED EX (note: DHL does not offer COD).
I have read a fair amount of problems about UPS at different audio forums.As I know somewhat how UPS operates from speaking to different levels of employees. Yes a certain amount of damage will occur, and to a lesser degree mistakes.I have shipped and recieved dozens of packages containing audio products and have had no problems with deliveries or damage since they were all packed and taped well.I have also recieved many more packages for my carpet cleaning business over the last 10 years,many with bottles of liquid and have not had any problem as as of yet.Those who have had problems will call this luck.I represent the silent majority who has not had the level of bad luck that others have had.Proper packaging is the secret to minimizing and even eliminating problems. Overkill is the best packing method by using extreme amounts of protective packing and loads of tape,too much is better then not enough.Many do not grasp this concept and do a substandard packing job,and then it's every body elses fault. As far as a cod package being delivered with out cod.If the sender's receipt has cod written on it this is an open and shut case of UPS being totally at fault.The downside of UPS is that it can take an average of 2 weeks to get paid from a cod.Certain items that cannot hold up to rough handling such as audio speakers or other delicate items should be sent by an alternative method.I will agree that Fed Ex has been a preferrable way to ship for many and if their prices fit into ones shipping budget then this is the way to go,and you get paid within a few days not 2 weeks or in some cases even longer as with UPS.
I am in the group that has terrible luck with UPS. I think that it would be safe to say that some level of damage has occurred on about every type of audio product I have ever dealt with. I once shipped a transistor amp, a small one, about the size of a Sony DVD or Pioneer Laser player. When It arrived, the torrodial transformer that was attached to the steel chassis with a 3/8" bolt, was sheared completely off. The transformer was free to slide about during the shipment, and needless to say, there was hardly a part inside the chassis that was recognizable. The explanation from UPS was that on some of the shipping facilities, the parcel ramps go as high as a two story building, and netting along the side "stops" the parcels from falling off. Well, mine must have fallen to the concrete below to shear off that steel bolt and all the components inside. This is only one of about 15 instances with UPS in the past years. I now have Federal Express ship on my computer, and only unbreakable things get shipped via UPS. Actually, no one has mentioned the US Post Office. I have better luck (identical packing) with the Post Office than UPS. By the way, I agree with hellohifi on DHL. I just got two 135 Lb crates with very expensive amps inside (yesterday) and the runner rails on the bottom are not even splintered! Must have had some TLC to avoid that.
I had Dell ship me a 21" Trinitron computer monitor by UPS. It arrived with a big purple spot. I called Dell, and they said it must have been dropped in shipping. They sent me the new one by Airborn Express. They Dell tech support said they had many damaged monitor's by UPS, but not with Airborne Express. I also note that UPS DOES NOT DELIVER on Saturday nor do they have a Service Center open. This is in the Portland Oregon metro area ! About 2.5 million.
Do the smart thing and ship via Fed Ex. Lower shipping costs are not always a bargain. Always be sure to insure the item you are shipping, because it is not insured for its value unless you specify the amount.
I just received a CAL DX-2 via UPS yesterday. It arrived in fine condition, but they left it on my front porch! No one signed for it. I live in a good neighborhood, but jeez, it was sitting there all day long. I thought UPS was required to collect a signature to verify delivery. If it had been stolen, and even though it was insured, I couldn't prove it had never been delivered! Grrrr!!!!

I'll never use UPS, that's for sure.

I recently shipped a pair of speakers coast to coast via UPS COD and they warned me it would take a full week to get them there. I guess they made it OK, but they must have sent my COD money by pony express because it took almost three full weeks from the day I shipped them to get my money! I usually use FedEx and would never use UPS again for any audio equip- ment. Pay a little more, get a whole lot better service and get you money the next day...
I bought a pair of speakers from Ohm accoustics last summer; one was severely damaged during shipping. UPS claimed that they were not at fault and would not honor the insurance claim. To their credit Ohm made the deal right. This is one of the two bad experiences that I have had with UPS over the last year. An amp shipped to me via FedEx arrived damaged. They paid for the repairs without putting up a fight. I'm done with the rat bastards at UPS.
I shipped a STEEL Target equipment rack thru UPS and after the receiver called to complain about the condition it was sent back to me for filing a damage claim on the rack. IT WAS RUN OVER BY A FORKLIFT. I did not have "extra" insurance to cover the value of the rack but I claimed that this was obvious negligence on the part of UPS but it turned out that was MY fault for not properly insuring the item. They also dropped and caused $1600 damage to a large amp that I had shipped but I got my $$ on that one !!!
Recently, I bought a pair of speakers on audiogon and UPS totally destroyed them. They were returned to the shipper and I have heard that they will not cover the damage because of poor packaging although the speakers were sent in original boxes, albeit old but well protected. There were several holes in the boxes obviously caused by shipping. Bob