Should I upgrade my integrated amplifier to a Parasound integrated A23?

Here is my system.
Atoll 100se integrated amp. 100 wpc @ 8ohm, 140 wpc at 4 ohm, 180 wpc peak power. It has transformers for each channel and it only cost $1400 Cdn new. 
Nordost Red Dawn speaker and interconnects
Totem Hawk, 6 ohm speakers sensitivity 88db
Vecteur L4.2 cd player

Let me first start by saying I love the way my stereo sounds. I have deep, thunderous bass, sweet, clear midrange, good treble and an expansive 3 d soundstage. I finally have a system I love to listen to and forget about the music.
Still I wonder if there is more.

Some background. I tried to drive my Hawks with a 100 wpc Onkyo surround sound amp. It couldn't do it. Enter the Atoll 100se. I had heard it in my audio store drive some Paradigm Prestige 85f speakers, 93 db, and some Bryston Middle T speakers, 88 db sensitivity, with ease. The salesman told me that the Hawks were notoriously difficult to drive and the Atoll 100se would drive them. He was right. The salesman also did mention that a higher powered Atoll the 120se, 120 wpc 8 ohm, 200 wpc 4 ohm, 200 wpc peak power would be a better match for Magneplanars which makes me think more power is better.

I know my speakers work best with a lot of current so I think a high powered integrated amp is the way to go. I read one review where a Parasound A21 amp, 250 wpc was used with the Hawks and it worked well.

There is a Parasound A23 integrated amp, 160 wpc 8 ohm and 240 wpc 4 ohm 45 amp peak power that I would consider buying. Would that be an upgrade or just a lateral move?
Here's my question. Would I get even better sound with a higher powered amp or should I stick with what I have?

I should add that I would like a more liquid tube like sound. However I do not think any tube amps would be up to the task of driving my Hawks. I would prefer to stay with an integrated amp.

The Parasound integrated (Halo Integrated) or the non-integrated stereo A23 are both very nice sounding and stiff sounding amps.

They are quite neutral though, perhaps a smidge warm.  Both very good deals.


as above; also IIRC, you can buy with a 30 day audition privilege from some shops
If you can get a Parasound to home audition then sure give it a try, but to buy it sight unseen,  well it sounds like you have a pretty nice amp now it may not be a significant upgrade. Sometimes there isn't more, or if there is then it may be a bigger investment than you're ready to make. One thought the Nordost Red Dawns are nice cables but can sound a bit relentless, maybe a change in cabling could warm up the sound a bit? Take your time and do some listening but that looks like a sweet little system you've put together. Happy listening!
There is a Parasound A23 integrated amp, 160 wpc 8 ohm and 240 wpc 4 ohm 45 amp peak power that I would consider buying. Would that be an upgrade or just a lateral move?
Couple of things.

Those are not the specs of an A-23. Its best to use the RMS ratings when making comparisons.  The A-23 is actually spec’d at 125 wpc into 8; 225 into 4. Your Atoll is 100 wpc into 8; 140 wpc into 4. This is really negligible as your must double the wattage to attain just a 3 DB increase in volume. So while the A-23 would be no louder, it could sound a bit different due to its current. If that is truly greater too because we don’t know the current rating on the Atoll. With its twin toroidal transformers, it could be the same.

The A-23 is a very good amp for the money but so is your Atoll 100se. The dealer was wise in recommending it to you and you state that you love the way your system sounds. What more could you ask for?

This would be a lateral move at best and you would gain nothing.