Silver v Copper wire phono cable

Getting ready to order new tonearm, have option for either copper or silver continuous phono cable from cartridge to preamp.  without the  opportunity to compare personally, I would like to hear how others would system is shown on this site...thank you



The first rule of buying, the choice you didn’t make was the correct decision.

@jw944ts  Any thoughts to share on your choice of wire ?

I ask because I`m looking to have my Rega P10 tonearm rewired.

The Audio Note silver wire with the AN silver tags looks like a good choice, but I`m still researching. 

I chose continuous silver from cartridge to phono

preamp. I did not audition any other. It is my impression that silver is

somewhat more detailed/quicker, copper a little warmer. 
but that is anecdotal. Definitely get continuous is that is available to you, 

regardless of the material.