Silversmith Audio--Great service provided for me.

As most of you know, Silversmith Audio has acquired Dodson Audio. When it came time to service my Dodson 217 Mark 2 DAC, Jeff Smith was extremely helpful and even took the extra step of sending my unit to a separate company for cryo treatment of the board. I think he even upgraded the circuit board of the unit for free, even though the only problem was a simple chip, as far as I understand it. Jeff is a very professional and responsive manufacturer. He communicated well at every step along the way. It's gratifying to see the level of excellence that can still exist in high end audio today.

It was my idea to write this, Jeff didn't ask me to, and I don't work for him or his company, nor am I a dealer, just a satisfied customer. (Really)
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Last year, I placed a classifieds ad for a pair of Silversmith interconnects. Jeff contacted me to let me know that he had seen the photo in the ad, and that the IC's I was selling were not the current model. In fact, they were two iterations old. He offered to update them to the current version for $100--on a pair of IC's that retailed for $1400. I received the IC's back in a new carry bag, with new connectors, fully updated, on the date promised. You're right on, Mdhoover, Jeff's service is outstanding.
In 35 years of being around this hobby, I can say that Jeff Smith s literally the most accommdating, easy going, helpful and honest person I have met. If all audio dealers, distributors and manufacturers had his kind of attitude, audio would be a better place. I am not saying there aren't other "good guys" out there, just that Jeff Smith is one of the very best!

I sincerely hope he succeeds as I know enough JERKS have done so in spite of themselves.
Afew months ago, during the Stereophile show and right at the transition point of Dodson to Jeff, I experienced a problem with my 217. I e-mailed SSA about what procedure to follow in sending off my unit. Jeff responded promptly even though he was away attending THE show. It turned out the problem was simply a poor digital cable connection (read the troubleshooting section of the owners manual next time, dummy) but I got a good feeling from the fact that the brand new owner of a business concern took the time to respond to my inquiry (and with two follow-ups) while off on other business and in a timely fashion. It'll be hard for my next DAC not to be a 218. It may be a while, though, because this 217 MKII D sounds dynamite.

If you like the 217 MKII D, you will flip over the 218. It really is a major step forward. I made the move 2 yeaqrs ago and never looked back. I run almost everything through it: transport (XLR connection); DVD player; and satellite receiver. Extremely versatile and outstanding performer.