Silversmith Fidelium

I have just purchased 2 Pairs of these cables,

I suggest trying a pair of these, They have a no Hassle return policy.

On Von schweikert vr-8, With bi-wiring I truly extended the lowend reach over my current cables.

Similar improvements in mids and highs


I have owned a pair for about 8 months and I really like them as well. Between my VAC tube amp and Goldenear Triton 1.r speakers.

My pair just arrived.  Super impressed and they play well with my CH Precision amp and Stenheim speakers.  


Owned a pair since February.  I have a pair between my Ayon Audio Odin DHT SET and Cube Audio Nenuphars.  They beat out $15K speaker cables for their truth of timber and resolution across all frequencies.  A best buy in a world of hyped cables that slurry the time/frequency response alignment of the music signal.