Silversmith Fidelium

I have just purchased 2 Pairs of these cables,

I suggest trying a pair of these, They have a no Hassle return policy.

On Von schweikert vr-8, With bi-wiring I truly extended the lowend reach over my current cables.

Similar improvements in mids and highs


I have owned a pair for about 8 months and I really like them as well. Between my VAC tube amp and Goldenear Triton 1.r speakers.

My pair just arrived.  Super impressed and they play well with my CH Precision amp and Stenheim speakers.  


Owned a pair since February.  I have a pair between my Ayon Audio Odin DHT SET and Cube Audio Nenuphars.  They beat out $15K speaker cables for their truth of timber and resolution across all frequencies.  A best buy in a world of hyped cables that slurry the time/frequency response alignment of the music signal.

Out of curiosity, what other cables is everyone runnin (interconnects, power, etc)?

@gochurchgo   I am running Wireworld Eclipse 8 interconnects, I have 2 Wireworld Silver Electra 7 power cords (DAC and Aurender), 1 Electra 7 power cord on DDC, a Shunyata Black Mamba on CD transport, Synergistic Reference Master Coupler on Pre amp and 2 BMI Whales on my AMP. Shunyata Hydra power conditioner.

Eventually I will try a pair of Sternklang to see if they can dethrone the Fideliums. Flat ribbon to flat ribbon comparison.

I absolutely love my Fideliums running between my Pass XA60.5s and Borresen Z1s. (I believe Jeff Smith is working on interconnects as well and I’d really like to try them when ready.)

My other cables and power cords are a mix of RSX (power, phono), Synergistic (IC) and DH Labs (ICs).


There is always one negative, and I guess I’m that one. I was not impressed.

To me, the music was congested and limited in the frequency extremes. Additionally, I had to turn the volume up quite a bit more to achieve the same volume as before.

Now, I am using tube amps so that could very well be the reason. I think it’s an impedance thing.

Many love these cables, so my opinion is just that, my opinion, but I warned ya.


@ozzy   To be clear you are now using different amps than when you tried them and those are now tube amps? What amps were in there at the time?


I am still using the same amps, Bob Carver Raven 350. I have never had a speaker cable affect the sound quality as much as the Fidelium cables did. Best I could describe them is they acted like a big resistor. I seem to remember a posting stating they can create an impendence mismatch with some equipment.

I am now using the Townshend F1 speaker cables and am very impressed with them.


I had the same experience as Ozzy did when I tried these cables.  I had to increase the volume a bit as well and I felt the dynamics and extension on both ends was a little curtailed compared to my other two speaker cables.

Both of the amps I used with them and still use are the Pathos twin towers hybrid integrated amp and the Tsakiridis Aelos all tube EL34 integrated amp.  

My speakers are 97 db and 8 ohm efficient.

I assume it is a synergy issue as I know the reviews are excellent.  I was able to sell them for almost no loss as they are very favorably reviewed.

I guess nothing is ever going to always work in everyone's system.

@mrotino how long did you have the cables for. I actually found the break in time to be quite long, weeks of consistent use each day.

Ref My post below. Darn spell check, I meant to say there is an impedance mismatch.

I had the cables for several weeks before returning them. I used the cables quite a bit, probably put several hundred hours on them, they never got better. At that time, I did have to pay for shipping (both directions) and the refund took several weeks to obtain. I think that has been improved now by the seller.

So, as long as you can try them and return them if they don’t work with your equipment then go for it. Again, there are many positive reviews.


I had them for about two months and probably had over 300 hours on them using two different amps.  The sound did not really change at all.  They just did not work in my system for some reason.  What really bothered me was the reduced volume compared to my other two speaker cables which was unexpected.  But they are so light and the packaging very small that should they not work out for someone. they would be very easy to return or sell.  Nothing against Silversmith they are a great company.  I actually used their Silver interconnects for many years and now my brother in law uses them.

I bought a used (dealer demo) pair of these cables and used them for several weeks.  Then I sold them.   I had the same experience as mrotino.  They made as big a difference (not positive) in my system (PS Audio BHK 300 amps and Wilson Alexia speakers) as any other cables I have used or tried. I had to turn up volume on my preramp substantially to achieve the same sound level.  Also, the tonal balance of the speakers was shifted upward, though not unpleasantly. What was more troubling was that there was  a noticeable lack of bass relative to three other cables I compared them to.   I don't care to use speakers cables that act as tone controls on my system.