Sin City , sinfully delicious sound

Just finished the brilliant , outrageous Sin City and was blown away by the soundfield . From the opening note to the final credit , this sonic blockbuster does its best to keep pace with arguably the most artistic movie in a decade . The DTS version explodes with such prodigious bass that you better be careful , it will take your subs to depths most movies only dream about. Not as cohesive front to back as say Dark City , it still however manages a solid and palpable field that dips you deep into the underworld of a fantasy world that can certainly be described as audacious and bold yet balances all of the unique elements in a way that never detracts from the pacing . A must own DVD , it also boasts a fantastic visual experience second to none with a grain free visual palate that will make you think Blue Ray has already arrived. Love it or hate it , you gotta respect it.
I'm waiting for the dvd from Netflix and I'm very excited, even more so now! Thanks for the mini-review Brian, you have me really excited!
johnd , you are going to be blown away . Because of this release , i have decided to go ahead with my JL Audio Gotham Sub pre order for my theatre.
Brian -

Have you listened to the Gotham? I have been wanting to try that sub but have not been so lucky at this point.


Hy Dan , no is suppose to ship in a month or so. Ihave pre ordered it as of today. Are you picking one up too??
Considering it. I need to hear how the EQ'd room turns out with a trio of Velodyne DD-18's. It would work well on its side under a center channel, much like the Krell MRS is designed.

I haven't heard the list price yet. Less than a pair of SW-12's?

What's so special about this JL Audio Gotham Sub? It does looks impressive enough though.

How does it compare to other home theatre subs like Velodyne, SVS, contra-bass or the Genelec HTS-6?
Odd i o , its not been released yet so no comparisons nor reviews are out but the r n d on this unit is legendary as JL has put everything they have into this monster . 3800 watts available , over 300 lbs 2 , 13.5 inch drivers and sealed enclosure to boot . It has a room eq and mic that comes standard to balance sub into room . Winning best in show at the 2004 Cedia and bringing down the house at the last CES , its got to be at the very least , a monster sub for theatre.
Wow for $7500, I hope it's a good woofer. My experience is that I'd rather do something like 4 or more Paradigm Servo 15's or M&K MX200's and such, which gives me more placement flexibility, driver reinforcement and efficiency, speed, and lack of distortion.
It's all good though. If you do have to use one sub, having a Parametric on board is handy, if necessary.
I used to sell the Wilson $10k sub. Don't think I could ever pay so much for a single sub...ouch!
Flrnlamb , I agree with multiple subs . The Gotham will be used in conjunction with two Aerial sw 12 subs and primarily or exclusively for theatre. Theatre needs that extra low end kick for certain movies........ Like Sin City.
As an addendum to my assertion that this is indeed a great sounding disc , I have only listened to the DTS version where I think the dialogue is crystal clear , the sub / lfe info is riveting yet there seems to be a lack of cohesiveness in the front to back field that I think is due to the surround info not being forceful enough in encoding to the dvd.I do not remember this problem in the theatre.I still think however that it is a reference disc visually and for low frequency info as well as dialogue intelligibility.Surround info however is rather restrained
Well I just picked up a cheap long interconnect to run my dvd player into my preamp so that I can hear the soundtrack in full tubed glory. I'm not really a home theatre guy so if anyone has any advice let me know. I'm only equiped to do stereo I assume that the main soundtrack is two channel right? I hope so because I'm not getting anymore speakers any time soon! Thanks in advance for your help. By the way Sin City will be here tomorrow according to Netflix, so I know what I'm doing on Saturday night!