Small Single Driver Speakers - Help

I own and completely enjoy the 47 Labs Lens speaker. I'm designing a couple of systems for different rooms, but 47 Labs doesn't make the Lens anymore.

Please help me find a speaker that:

1. Sounds like the Lens.

2. Roughly the same size of a small monitor. I will place them on stands, but I'm open to floor-standers, if they are a small footprint. (Like the Totem Arro.)

3. I'll be using the 47 Labs Shigaraki amplifier, as well as other class-T designs. I want to keep playing around with low wattage, affordable solid state and tube amps. I don't listen to music loud that much, and when I do, my current Shigaraki system does just fine.

4. I'm willing to pay for a high quality fit & finish. Nothing ugly or weird. The simpler, the better.

I am a music listener. I don't care about technical specifications. I like my foot to tab and to have a big grin on my face when I listen to music. Tap, tap, tap, tap....

Thank YOU very much for reading....
Check out Omega Speaker Systems. Most of their speakers are single-drivers designed with low wattage amps in mind(93-96dB/8ohms) and they have several monitor models. All now use their hemp cone speakers

Here's a Positive Feedback review

As to whether they sound like the 47 Lab Lens, I haven't the faintest idea.
I go along with Dark in that I haven't heard the 47 lab lens, but I do own Omega XRS3 hemp. Now, I believe, they are called the XRS5. They are a nice match with SET and lower power ss amps. Plus, they have a fantastic finish that Louis will customize if you'd like. These fit "the simpler the better" stipulation, but they are nearly a foot wide so not as slim as some.

A friend who is not a SET and single driver devotee, heard the new Acoustic Technologies classic series speaker and was smitten. 3" single driver in a narrow and tall cabinet that looks quite a bit like the Arros I used to have. Nice looking speakers!
Have you heard of Aurousal? They're a UK-made speaker that are very highly regarded.

Aurousal's Web Site

Obviously, the web site will let you look at the speakers and technical specs, but that's like looking at sheet music and trying to decide if the song sounds good, right?

You might put them on your list to consider, but let your ears decide what's the best. Better yet, find the ones that take the music beyond your ears and make the listening experience more rewarding and involving.
I believe a company called Carolina Audio uses the Jordan driver in a full line of single driver loudspeakers. You might want to do a web search of this company.

OMEGA!!!! I've owned the Compact Hemp, Super 6 Alnico, and now the XRS 8 Alnico. The XRS 8 is the best of the bunch, but the Super 6 is no slouch and is IMHO the best bang for the buck in speakers today.
im currently using omega compact hemps paired with a cary sli 80 and i think the omegas sound great,look great and are very reasonably priced as well
I have experience with only one single-driver speaker and no experience with your amp but I'm very impressed with the JohnBlue JB3 speakers I got a short while ago.

I'm using them in my office with a NuForce Icon amp but they've also spent time with my 15-watt tube amp. With either they're amazing, especially considering their size and price. They're also among the nicest looking small monitors I've ever seen. The JB3's are quite small but there are slightly larger monitors in the same line with a 4" driver.
'Fritzspeaks' maybe of interest to you.
Do a search on here for the info.
I have not heard them personally.
CommonSense Audio makes their Audio Nirvana line of drivers in many different sizes. YOU have to build the cabinets (or have someone do it). They are amazing speakers that play well with both SS and low wattage tubes.
Google Commonsense Audio for more info.