Small speakers for a small room

Currently I use Linn Kan (type 4) speakers with an LFD Mistral amp.
At that time I couldn't afford the Linn Tukan speaker wich was my first choice.
My 3 options for an upgrade:
Linn Katan, Spendor S3/5se and the PMC DB1+.
I listen mainly to classical and jazz in a small room.
I like my Kans but something is telling me there is better.

ProAc tablette REF 8 are very fine speakers for smaller rooms. Retail around $1200 and have occasionally been seen on Audiogon for around $800. Even better the REF 8 Signature but difficult to find used.
If you like listening at low levels (volume) you'll need something that is clear and open sounding like Merline TSMs or ProAc Response 1SC. My choice would hands down be the Merlins but they also may not be available in Belgium.

The Linn Katan is a step forwards but I will not go active and I don't like the way Linn is going now ( to expensive
and moviestuff has nothing to do with musical emotions.)
The Totem Rainmaker cost about the same but I can't compare
them with the Katan.

I would like to recommend Source loudspeakers. I have the 1.5WV. It is an outstanding speaker and very transparent. It has an L pad on the back which is a Godsend when it comes to room compatability.