Smashing Pumpkins reissues

Has anyone heard the Smashing Pumkins reissues yet? I ordered them on vinyl (Siamese Dreams and Gish) and look forward to hearing them. In fact I see several online stores are sold out of Siamese Dreams already. Cheers.
I got mine just tonight and just put on Gish. I have to say on first listen to one side, I like the first pressing better. Mine was flat and quiet but seems closed in. I will have to do a side by side comparison this weekend.
I have the originals, and they sound pretty good.
(So unless I can get copies for a cheap price, I will probably not bother with the reissues, unless you, or someone else, gets back to me stating that they sound better than the originals.)

Any idea if they are going to reissue either "Pisces Iscariot" or "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness"?
(I have those too, but my brother-in-law would love it if they were to reissue them so he could get copies at a reasonable price.)
I think mellon collie is going to be reissued next year. I paid dearly for one of the 20K originals and it has been worth it. I think it might be the best LP that I own - I don't know if it is because of it being rare or what, but I love the SP and I love that album.
I too love Mellon Collie. I had an original pressing but sold it a few years ago for $300. It would be awesome if they reissue it but I have not heard/read anthing about it. HOwever, I did read they will reissue Pieces in 2012.
I will let you know what I think of Gish and Siamese when they here.
I just did a sxs with siamese dream and the newer one is VERY nice. It is an excellent pressing and has more detail and depth than the original, more focus. This will surely be my goto version.
I have not heard the original pressing, but my copy of the Gish reissue sounds very good and it seems to be a nice pressing. I'll be ordering Siamese Dream also...
IMO, the Siamese Dream reissue is superior to my original issue...more detail and ofcus as Maineiac says. I think the background is more quite than the original too.
Gee, thanks guys, (as I say this with sarcasm dripping from my words!), for the review of the new pressings.

Looks like I have to get these new pressings of these albums!

(Why couldn't you have said the new pressings suck, and just keep on listening to the original pressings?!) ;-)
Ran into Billy Corgan @ Record Surplus in Santa Monicaaround a year ago. He was shopping for Vinyl,left the store with an arm full for sure.
I see the Smashing Pumpkins are selling premium digital copies of both reissued albums. They say the below about the premium digital copies -

WAV (Lossless, 24-bit, 96khz .zip file labeled as "Source Audio" - will play in iTunes)

They will play in itunes, but they won't be at 24-bit, 96Khz, right?
I own the Cd versions and the packaging is superb!
Excellent DVD concert(s) as well.
Saw them last year at Mohegan Sun. Just excellent! Billy showed up, if you get my meaning. :-) Now you guys reminded me I don't have any Pumpkin vinyl.
Pretty pumped about the Mellon Collie 4 LP reissue coming soon. I have one pre-ordered. If it sounds as good as the other reissues it'll be a great alternative to spending $300 on an original, even at $90.
Yes. I sold my original numbered pressing about 2 years ago for $400. I am looking forward to replacing it. The market for valuable rare records collapes after a reissue like this. For example, pearl jam reissues, white zombie, pumpkins, counting crows, black crowes, bush, smiths etc (all the great 90's music that was barely pressed on vinyl, if at all). Once you have the option of purchasing the reissue (assuming its a quality reissue) the price of originals goes way down. Any how-Im looking forward to owning this on vinyl again.