software for playing WAV files on MAC? And some other basics...


A friend of mine wants to play WAV files from her MAC (she will probably use a Halide Design HD DAC to run between her MAC book and her Rega Elex amp.)

Does she need special software like JRiver to optimize the sound? And if so, what would be best software for WAV files played through a MAC laptop?

Also does she need to be concerned about jitter? Would a couple of AQ Jitterbugs be a good investment?

Any other basics she should know in terms of settings etc before getting started?

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Search archives, this has been covered a million times. 
Longstory story: for the most expertise,

Users report success and frustration with Audirvana+, Amarra, Pure Music and JRiver for a variety of reasons. Jitterbugs and Uptone Regen and a million different cables have been beneficial too. 

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A+ and Jitterbug and you're probably there...

Another option if she loves itunes is to just convert the wav files to aiff or alac.  There are several options for software for that purpose.