Someone in Chicago to help with Maplenoll Ariadne?

I have a Maplenoll Ariadne with the Signature kit with scud air chamber. My air handling is not good because I can hear leaks at the junctions of the hoses. Is there someone in the area who could help me with this? I tried buying hose clamps at Home Depot but they are too large. Any help would be sincerely appreciated and compensated. I have both the original pump and another quiet pump. Bob
Before you give up fixing the air leaks yourself, I would suggest that you check an auto parts store for hose clamps of the proper size. If you need additional setup help then hiring someone might be your best alternative. Good luck!
If you find that you might need additional assistance try contacting Brian Walsh of Essential Audio. He is in the Chicago suburbs and may be able to help.
I had an Ariadne for 10 years. Took me 6 months to finally get it working perfectly. The hoses are always a concern along with the pump. Use small plastic ties like for bundling wires together or a wire by a hose in your car. Slip the part through the looking part at a point just below the fat end the tube goes on. Tighten it enough so it holds the tube on securely. I did this at all tube ends and never had a leak or hose blow off after. Soundwise, I miss the Ariadne. That straight line tracking arm makes some beautiful sound.
Hey Bob, Your Beveridge 2SWs are sounding great. These pumps are akin to those used for fish tanks, and indeed some of them ARE fish tank air pumps. Ergo, you are quite likely to find the proper size clamps at a store or on-line where accessories for fish tanks are sold. Most likely whoever made your pump also makes hose clamps for it.
Hey Bob, you know where i live if you need any further assistance :)

Thanks everyone for the wonderful posts. I had totally forgotten about Lawarence Harasim for this project. Lawrence, I am so glad that you posted. Lawrence is amazing with what he can do with audio equipment. He has repaired and built almost anything audio related. He contacted me privately and told me that he used to have this turntable. I shouldn't be surprised because he has had almost everything. Anyway, I am in very good hands with Lawrence and can't recommend him highly enough. This thread worked better than I would have imagined.

Lew, Glad you like the Beveridges. The funny thing is that I bought them from Lawrence. That is how we originally met! Would love to hear your impressions because I am trying to resurrect a pair of the Beveridge 2's. I must admit that I do miss the Beveridges. Probably the most fun I ever had with a piece of audio gear. They definitely can be temperamental. Only guys like Lawrence can really repair them. He has had a number of pairs of these great speakers. My recollection is that you had a number of pairs of electrostats like the Soundlabs and others. Hope you are enjoying your music these days. Bob