Something Actually New/Innovative, In Audio

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This technology has been around quite a while. It was going to be used for vending machines and museum tours. Hope it turns into something useful...
No specs, like frequency response or dynamic range, etc..?Count me add one as dubious of it’s high end applications. Remember glass speakers?
Remember the ENIAC?      Fast as technology is progressing, these days; vast improvements are inevitable, IF a market develops.
With dweller. Tech has been around for decades. Didn't read far enough to know if it is using distortion in the air or ear to modulate to audible frequencies. Says placed outside the ear so likely air.
Only a demo would tell if it has potential.  People mock, are derisive regarding aftermarket cables, or my Schroeder Method of IC Placement and they have no clue. I used to many years ago ridicule such things out of arrogance.  Now, I take a more neutral position,  because I have been surprised many times. 

Notice the swirling behind the ears in video? Does that mean a second array from behind is necessary? If so, that's not so tidy. Or, is it shot at the ears like a sonic laser? What kind of hearing damage could result from misuse? Would the damage potential be higher? Perhaps.