Sonic Frontiers Phono One: Gain too high?


I'm trying to help a fellow 'phile troubleshoot a problem with his Phono One. He claims that he cannot use anything except very low output cartridges with his Sonic Frontiers phono stage because he has the "high gain" version. Evidently there were three different versions of the SF Phono One: a low gain, normal, and high gain? I looked through the manual and on page eight it describes how to set the dip switches for various cartridges, even has two user defined positions (using add-on resistors and capacitors). No idea why he couldn't fiddle with these settings to dial in the step up.

So... can a "high gain" Phono One be set up to accomodate high output moving coil or moving magnet pickups???? Thanks much, Jeff
The gain cannot be changed by the end-user. I used to own the "high gain" version, which had 62db of gain. This should be used with MC cartridges of no more than .6mv of gain.

For more information:
gain was as stated not readily adjustable unless a tech removed and added the necessary ??????.

gain of 62 58 or 54db were the three hardwired choices offered by SF
Why Kenny? If my math is correct wouldn't 0.6mv with 62dB gain only be 0.75v? Isn't line source 2.0v? Wouldn't a 1.5mv cart be 2.0v after 62dB of gain? It always seemed that phono stages needed more gain to me. Else don't you have to relay on your linestage to provide a bunch of gain?

dB gain = 20 * log (V1/V0)
10^(dB gain/20) = V1/V0

I have a Hagerman Bugle with 40dB gain and a dynavector 20x-h with 2.5mv output, and I'm considering changing the gain to 50 or 60dB with a resistor change.
I don't believe the issue is gain, but rather overload. The 1.5mV cart would probably overdrive the inputs (or second stage) when set to high gain. If opamp-based circuit, will likely be hard clipping, which is pretty easy to hear. Once signal is past EQ then you can add more gain without saturation.

The Hagerman Bugle can handle the 2.5mV at 50dB, but not at 60dB. It's best to run minimum gain for maximum headroom. Also true with linestages; attenuators sound best when not used.

Yes the issue is overload. I have one LP in particular that is cut very hot. This LP was unplayable using my .6 mv Clearaudio Victory because of distortion. I had no such problem playing the LP with the .5 mv Helikon.
now that you state 1.5mv i would have to agree that there is too much gain, howevere if you went to the resistor that gives the lowest gain 54db that would likely be about right
Well I guess I need a new linestage, amp, or speakers. Because I always seem to run out of gain when playing vinyl on my system. :-( I don't have that problem with CDs, but my DAC has 3.5V output. So that got me to thinking what increasing my phono output would be the ticket. Maybe I need more efficient and sensitive tube gear with more gain?