Sonic Frontiers vs. Audible Illusions Preamp.

I want to know if anybody compared SF preamplifiers vs. Audible Illusions.
I want to move to a tube preamplifier to use with my Classé amplifier.
My options could be the SF Line 2SE or Line 3, or Audible Illusions M3A or L2.
Please let me know your opinion.
I only briefly compared a LIne2 with an L2 and I preferred the Line2, slightly and that was years ago. OTOH, the ergonomics on the LineX preamps were/are inordinately superior. Still using a Line3.
Kr4, The L-2 has not been out that long. I think it started shipping early last year and has since been updated again(late 03) Are you sure it was an L-2 and not a L-1 since you stated it has been "Years ago?"
FWIW, I am auctioning a brand NEW Audible Illusions M3A with NO RESERVE now and it ends this Friday.
Was it an L1? Probably, or, perhaps, even an M3. I cannot recall exactly. Belonged to my son-in-law back then and I tried it only briefly in my system.