Sonic Gains Moving from CA CXC or Audiolab CDT6000 up to Jays audio CD2 MkIII Transport?


What would you say were the sonic improvements moving up from a Cambridge CXC or Audiolab CDT6000 transport to something like the Jay's Audio CD2 MkIII transport?





there are a number of threads on transports where you can probably get the general , if not specific answer that yes there will be. I don’t have the Jay’s , but I did move from a Cambridge CXC to a Simausio 260DT and the improvement in SQ was immediate and noticeable - e.g. more body, better  tone and timber.  I fully expect that the improvement with the Jay’s MKiii would at a minimum be comparable, and likely even better than that of the Sim given the transport mechanism used in the Jay’s. One thing to keep in mind should you move to the Jay’s is to ensure that you find out which output of the Jay’s is maximized for best SQ. I initially used the SPDIF out of the Sim because I always had a transport with limited output options. I subsequently contacted Sim and learned that the 260D’s AES/EBU output was the optimized one. I switched to that and the SQ improved further. Good luck with your decision