Sonos Questions

I've been using a Roku Soundbridge for several years but have never been able to get it to successfully play lossless files without constantly rebuffering.I have spent endless hours on the Roku forum site and unsucessfully confering with their alleged support staff and have finally had enough.

The Sonos looks like a good alternative, but I have a few concerns. Other related threads indicate some sonic issues due to jitter problems. I currently use a Proceed DAC with an optical connection to the Soundbridge, and that change from the stock Soundbridge was a big improvement. The Sqeezebox looks like an alternative, but the Sonos interface seems much better (ie something the rest of the family might actually use).

So what's the consensus on sound, assuming that a decent DAC is used?

Second, I have about 2000 CD's so I want to have a commecial ripping service store them for me. Since my computer system is Apple based, I thought ALAC is the way to go. I've also seen threads here that the Buffalo NAS devices can be problematic for Apple users. I need to choose an appropriate NAS device to get this project up and running.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

What did this external power supply cost for the Sonos? Interesting thought, as I just would never have thought wireless could sound as good as a direct connection. For sure, it is the DAC that is also contributing.

I have a sonos system for whole house audio and love it. Have considered modding it, but may get a mac mini instead. Only thing i don't like about the sonos is it won't play downloaded songs from itunes. I have a airport express i may hook up to it and play them that way.
I used the Audio Horizons tube DAC with the Levinson 37 transport and with the Sonos, so that part of the digital source was constant. The external power supply was a project that Joseph undertook at my request. I have been a beta tester for his other products - we live in the same town. He was interested in the Sonos technology.
Joseph told me that if other Sonos users expressed an interest then he would build more of the supplies. Presently mine is one of a kind. I've asked him to build a second unit (as you know, the Sonos system requires 2 ZP80s - one transmitter, one receiver. The outboard power supply is connected to the receiver which, in turn, drives the DAC.
Joseph hasn't told me how much he would charge for the power supply. He did tell me that he thought he could build as few as 3 at a time. I'll ask him what the price would be and let you know. My guess would be in the $150 to $200 range per power supply.
Given the quality of what I am hearing through my system, I'd go for that without hesitation. However, I have voided my Sonos warranty by modifying the ZP80.
Here is how I valued the choice:
1. I replaced a transport which I could sell used for $2K+
2. The Sonos ZP80 system (with remote control) cost ~$1K
So, I wasn't reluctant to spend some money in order to raise the performance of the Sonos.
I've been testing the current configuration of this power supply for 4 months now. No problems so far; it sounds great.
I have 4 Sonos ZP80 and a zonebridge.

I also have a GNSC modded Wadia 20.

Running both into my Audionote 3.1X Signature DAC, the transport is noticably better. It has more air, and much better soundstage.

I find myself listening to the Sonos more though.

It just makes the music more accessable. I have over 4,000 CD ripped to the server in FLAC format.

I'm not noticing any jitter problems, but the Sonos is slightly dark sounding using the internal DAC.

If I had to rerip my collection again I'd still do it myself. You can easily rip 10-20 cd in a sitting, and except for swapping CD's, it can run in the background.

If you paid a service to rip them, its about $1/CD, plus shipping and insurance both ways. 2,000CD @ lets say $15 average value gets you a shipment insured for $30,000! UPS charges 50 cents per $100 value for insurance, or $300 insurance each way.

So, to pay to get them ripped will cost $2,600 or so, and you still have to take every CD out of its jewel box, ship them on spindles, and get each one back in the correct box afterwards.

Regardless of how your music gets ripped, or to what format, you don't want to have to do it all over again. Make sure you have a RAID drive, or other way of preventing loss of data.


VERY interested in the mod you have. Any chance of posting pictures?

John C.
Sonos has increased my listening time dramatically as I am a flipper and change cds often song to song. This is easily done by the sonos, but was a pain if done manually. Also, sonos doesn't have to be wireless. You can connect each zone in line with ethernet cable making a hard wired system. Of course, cost is increased significantly.