Sonus Faber intermediate Homage model

From the rumor here on Audiofon it seems that Sonus Faber will introduce New flagship speaker on CES 2010.

I have other question.
How do you thing – is it the room on the market to intermediate model in Sonus Faber Homage line?
Something between Guarneri Memento and Amati Anniversario. For example floorstanding model shaped like Amati, but with one bass driver instead of two per speaker.

Amati is definitely loudspeaker for large rooms, but Guarneri sometimes lack of bass extension in middle sized rooms.
In my opinion there is large gap between these two models.
Elipsa does not belong to the Homage series, and believe me do not sound as refined as the speakers from flagship line. I suppose that Elipsa – the poor’s man Stradivari was created as they flagship speaker did not sell as fast as they expected.
Considering the size of Elipsa is hard to thing about this speaker as filling the gap between Guarneri and Amati.