Sonus Faber's Maxima Amator, the S.F new sound ?

Forum thread lovers and owner Sonus Faber I would like you to be able to compromise yourself on this new baby of the COVID the Maxima Amator. S.F. claims that it's the same tweeter and the same mid bass as on the Aida model?
Would be the new most modern sound of S.F.?
I imagine that the sound must be more detailed than in the old speakers (old school) of S.F.?
Obviously I don't think we can compare it to, for example, an S.F. Guarneri evolution which is rather polished or even dark (but melodious).
So amateur or owner of Sonus Faber, it's time to fuel the debate
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I am not sure there is a debate to be had here. About ten years ago Sonus Faber changed there sound by adding detail / increasing the treble energy of pretty much all models. The strong, natural mid-range bloom and nuanced bass was supplemented with a more balance treble. Since then all models have a very similar Sonus Faber natural musical sound… with better dynamics and bass depending on the model, with imaging and sound staging also influenced by model and form.

I have owned Cremona (pre-tonal change), Olympica 3, and now Amati Traditional. I have spent a good deal of time listening to Olympica Nova, Lilium, and a couple other models.