Sony 9100ES, Oppo 103 105

Redoing home theater, I have the 9100ES and was wondering about the difference in sound quality, for DVD movies only in 5.1, between the Sony and the two Oppo's. Aerial 7b and CC3b front speakers. Thanks.
The Sony is a very good player. Since you are using it for 5.1 DVD movies, you most likely feed its signal into a multi-channel processor. In that case, you won't hear any difference at all. If I were you, I would save the money for something else.
I agree with Sidssp. I doubt you will notice any difference between the 2 if you are using it as a transport. There is one thing you may want to try. I had the 9000ES and had a very interesting experience with it. It took me a couple of weeks to figure it out, but what happened was it degraded the sound quality of my system when I was using other sources. When I removed it from my system, it went back to normal. You may want to try a power cord like a JPS Digital AC or a line conditioner that isolates each outlet. Even if the Sony is your only source, you could probably make it sound better with some power products. Try before you buy, though. I get everything like this from Cable Co first. That way I don't waste money.
Thanks, Just what I wanted to hear, as the Sony is working great and is so easy to use.