Sony's strange speaker cord

My home theatre system is an older Sony. Because the speaker cords do not have exposed wire on the ends, I am unable to connect them to any other AV receiver except the one that came with them. I wanted to know if these speakers could be connected to a conventional AV receiver. Is it possible to simply cut the cable and replace it, or do I have to replace the entire system?
As I understand you want to connect the speakers of that DAV system to a different receiver. Cables in those systems came with coloured plugs for easy set up.
Now one way is to cut the plugs and connect them to any receiver but that would make them useless in case you want to sell the set.
Best way is to sell it all together and get different speakers and cabling.
There should be only two conductors and (hopefully, at least) one will somehow be marked, giving an indication of polarity.        Just cut off the connector and determine, with a aaa battery, which lead is positive.      That lead, touched to the positive of the battery,  will move the woofer outward/forward.       Connect that lead to the +/red speaker terminal, of your receiver.       
Just a heads up. Some HT systems have equalization for the supplied loudspeakers and my not sound as good without it. 
"...Speaker cords? I think my mom used to call them that..."

I'm pretty sure half the guys on the AVForum are using lamp there's that. 
There may (possibly) be some folks out there, just getting started and trying to improve their sound.     Maybe even on a budget?       Tips like the EQ thing are helpful, but: how many here knew how to correctly (?) refer to everything, when you first got into audio/electronics?       How much fancy nomenclature must one exhibit, before they’re considered an, "audiophile"?      The OP’s only posted here twice.      Please: give ’em a break, guys.
Thanks for pointing out people come here for advice, not belittlement. Thank you for the sound advice you so graciously offer.
I'm as guilty as anyone; taking the occasional shot, myself.       But only at the obnoxious*, rather than someone interested in enlightenment.                                           *NOT referring to anyone in this thread.   Just in general.
I tried this exact hook up and it did not work. Have little sony surround cubes with fixed plug ins for speakers and amp that came as a 5-1 package. I am running a 3-1 for my tv in front room and thought I could add two of the sony speakers for rear surround. Amp is a marantz sr 6001 i picked up at estate sale for $98. As soon as I added the sony cubes the volume on the whole system dropped. I turned it up to get acceptable sound and the marantz shut down in protection mode. When I went up to the amp it was beyond hot could have cooked a steak on it. Dont know if it was the speaker of the speaker wire but some where there was a resistance load feeding back into the amp it did not like. Unhooked them and has been good since. Just kept at 3-1.