SONY XA7ES needs dire help...anyone out there?

Hi folks,

After 30+ yrs my SONY XA7ES went kaput. The thing is like a rock; thought it would last forever. Love this thing....I figure it's the laser, like all the old CD players.

With that said, its best to concede that Sony implemented a bit more complex mechanism on this one.

I've done online searches and can't find the laser mechanism for sale, and no leads on a tech who could bring this back to life.

Beautiful player, hate to see it become a boat anchor.

Any ideas, or contacts to a decent tech who can help me out?

Thanks, Mark


conceivably another (much cheaper) sony cdp of the same era uses the same laser pickup and you can cannibalize?

Try SkyFi audio. I bet he could fix it for you. If not, find another replacement that you'd be happy with. They are in Glen Rock, NJ

Thanks for the shout-out @2psyop.

Hello @asa, sorry we're not a repair shop and don’t carry or sell spare parts, but you should ask Tim at Bristol Electronics as he might have a match for you. He’s only about one town over from us. Good luck.

Bristol Electronics
Tim Schwartz
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423
*Please email or call (201) 447-4299 to arrange an appointment