SOTA Customer service

I just wanted to share the excellent service that SOTA delivered.    I have a SOTA Escape, a great table by the way , that developed a noisy motor.   I sent Christan a video to demonstrate and he said send it in.  Within a week I had a new motor.   

The Escape is just a little more money than I originally budgeted but well worth the $$$.  


Good to hear. Checked your VS. Love the look of the Toolshed 300B. How does the SOTA compare with your digital?

Thanks !   It's a great sounding amp.  I am having  Matt from Toolshed build me a preamp also, should be done in a few months.   

  I have just returned to vinyl after a ten plus year hiatus.   The Sota came with an Origin Live and I paired it with a 2m Bronze.  Phono pre is a Sutherland KC Vibe mkII.  It sounds great .   

My digital setup is a LAB 12 DAC 1 Reference and an Aurender N200 .   I really like that DAC, it's totally non fatiguing and it's that rare component that I feel no need to upgrade.  I love how it sounds 

As far as analog VS digital I think my cartridge and phono pre are the limiting factor.   I am planning on upgrading the Sutherland to a 20/20 and a really nice MC cartridge.     I am thinking about the ZYX Bloom 3 ....    

As far as the Sota goes, the Escape is really great for the money.  It has the 1.5" platter and the Condor controller and motor .  A lot of turntable for the money and worth outfitting with a great cartridge.