Sota Sapphire and Isolation?

Greetings, y'all! I should be receiving my new Sota Sapphire on Tuesday. I'm psyched! I currently have my Rega on a Gingko Cloud isolation platform. Since the Sota is a suspended table, will I need the isolation? Obviously, I won't know anything until I get the table setup, but my excitement is looking for any reason to engage with my new Sota. LOL. Thanks, y'all!


Thorens makes an isolation pad made with layers of some kind of foam.  Check it out, it's only a couple hundred bucks.

I have a non suspended SOTA and it seems immune to footfalls and rumble….   The Sapphire should be well isolated from subsonic stuff.   Enjoy

I own several SOTA and I was just happy listen to the music on a piece of MDF.

get Stethoscope and listen to the machine while running listen to the base top then the platter still and tap on the surface it on.

Great buy the new SOTA quite nice.


Their support is excellent too...   Donna and Christan are great to deal with.  

I have been party to the use of a Stethoscope to assist with identifying a lower noise being present when a Platter Spindle Bearing Modification has been carried out.

Comparing the noise floor between a Unmodified/Modified same model TT has shown substantial differences in noise floor, especially when Unmodified is not with a known service history for the Bearing Assembly.

When checking for the presence of noise related to a Mechanical Operation, my experiences are showing the following:

No Service History - Serviced - Modified, are the order that has shown quite large steps between each other in relation to the perception of noise floor being detected through the Stethoscope.

I have no knowledge of a Stethoscope being used for checking the influence of a Kinetic Energy being transferred and a poor decoupling method being adopted.