Soundsmith Paua and static electricity

Hello. I was concerned about the potential for static electricity to damage my Soundsmith Paua cartridge. I had experienced a static electric shock a couple of times when touching the Tonearm on my VPI Scoutmaster. So, I contacted Peter Lederman and asked him. He reassured me that, while static electricity can damage moving coil cartridges, it will not damage the Paua, which is a moving iron cartridge. Peter has always been very helpful and willing to answer my questions. Before the Paua, I had a Soundsmith Zephyr Mk II. Both are great cartridges; I really love the Paua. In any case, I wanted to pass along what I had learned and to laud Soundsmith and Peter Lederman for great products and customer service.
This time of year many of us vinyl fans run some kind of a humidifier device to offset static issues.

Also, make sure that your turntable bearing and tonearm are properly grounded.
also you might think about placing live plants around your listening area. They the plants could remedy the dryness and bring some needed moisture to the room.