Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops

Does this mean that the problem is the stylus/ Needle?

Please Help!



1. No

2. Good

3. Extended usage

4. Yes

Brand new vinyl may be noisy, even with a new stylus. It might need cleaning (yes, even if new) or it might be a bad pressing where even cleaning it thoroughly will not help. In that case it should be returned.

As I mentioned I've tried several new vinyl records and I encounter the same problem. Pops and Flubbing noise. Static as well.

What are the odds? Either all your new LPs are flawed or you have a local problem with your system.  I'd go with the latter. Figure it out.

@lewm   The op is asking for assistance.  You are offering nothing. Are you having a bad day?

Who setup your turntable?  Tracking force, VTA.......anti skate, cartridge alignment, tone arm balance. Did you clean the LP before playing?????? 

My brother set it up.  I upgraded from the red ortofon to the blue.


Yes I cleaned some of the lps.

Thanks for helping.

I've got a pretty extensive vinyl collection.  Would hate for them to go to waste.

JJ, Are you saying that you have other older LPs that play perfectly routinely without ticks and pops?  Because your problem seems typical for static electricity in your environment.  What steps do you take to reduce static electric charge on your LPs just before playing?

All my older vinyl sound pretty horrendous, so I avoid playing them.

My new LP's all sounded great up to a few days ago.

The static is minor compared to the flubbing noise which is sever.  Not playable.

yes sort of a rumbling sound with the sound muffled. muffled is a better description.

I have a Technics 1500C TT connected to an old Denon receiver.

Nothing has changed.  Not sure what is happening. Odd.

I hope you did not forget to connect the ground wire from Tt to the receiver? If you did not connect it, You will get all those problem you describe.

"Flubbing" does sound like something other than static electricity problem. Look very carefully for things that may be touching each other that normally should not be touching.  Best to get a knowledgeable friend to visit your home and take a look. These sorts of oddball problems are sometimes impossible to solve from afar. Is the cartridge bottoming out against the surface of the LP?  In that case, yes, you need either a new cartridge or a new stylus assembly if your cartridge has replaceable stylus.  But check your VTF else you will ruin even a new cartridge or stylus assembly, if VTF is too high.

@jjbeason14 I think we need to know what 'flubbing' means in this case.

One thing that can cause ticks and pops is the input of the phono section overloading at ultrasonic frequencies. This is actually pretty common and is caused by the inductance of the cartridge being in parallel with the capacitance of the tonearm cable- the two in parallel set up an electrical resonance.

In this case the resonance is likely barely above the audio band. It can be as much as 20dB so tracking noise can be boosted quite a lot above the audio signal so the phono section can overload.

Your old cartridge had the same inductance though. So this may not be the reason you're experiencing this. Do you make any other changes- different tonearm cable or the like?

Hey thanks guys!

Flubbing is better described as muffled.  the only change I made to the TT was upgrading the ortofon stylus from red to blue.

Nothing else changed. 


Yeah, I cleaned the stylus before each spin. 

No improvement.  Maybe worse. Not sure.

I think I need to dig up the red stylus and demo it. 

If the results are the same what could be the likely problem?



Is the cartridge body touching the LP when you hear "flubbing"?  Which is what I asked earlier. If yes, then yes there may be a problem with your new blue stylus. Its suspension may have collapsed.  This could be because it was defective from new or because you have set VTF much too high or even because of a big error in setting VTA.  But the first thing is to observe whether the cartridge body is intermittently touching the LP surface.

Are you using the phono output switch on the Technics or the phono input on the Denon?

Dirt on stylus. Drop gently up and down onto isopropyl alcohol soaked spot on Mr. Muscle Magic Eraser a few times.

Just checked it and the stylus look to be intact.

Needle seems to be picking up debris from somewhere. When I cleaned the stylus without the cleaning solution the vinyl sounds 95% better.  Still some pops on Sketches in Spain, but other than that much better.  

Not perfect, but much better.

Still want to try the red ortofon.

I'm pretty sure the phono is on the Technics.


The question was not whether the stylus was intact but whether the body of the cartridge is contacting the surface of the LP. If you can see debris on the tip of the stylus (probably shouldn't call it a needle), then your LP is grossly dirty OR you've got a very dusty environment maybe augmented by static charge. But first, does the body of the cartridge contact the LP at any time in the course of play?

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Get a new cartridge and have it installed by a knowledgeable person on the subject of setup.