Source for historical recordings --Edison, etc.

I just read Greg Milner's Perfecting Sound Forever, which I highly recommend to any serious audiophile. It caused me to be very curious to hear some of the earliest recordings, particularly the "acoustic" vs. "electrical" recordings from the early days. A CD companion to the book would be the bomb (including the Led Zep stuff, early sampling, Auto-Tune and all the rest), but absent that, the early wax, cylinder and disc stuff must have been transferred to CD and be out there somewhere. Any pointers?
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You also might want to contact the Edison Museum over here in NJ, they have transferred their recordings to digital files, not sure if any are available to the public.

Too bad you didn't post this before our November NJ Audio Society meeting, I would have invited you, as we recorded our NJSO concertmaster Eric Wyrick playing his violin with piano accompaniment on a digital recording system, an analog tape machine and the Edison Cylinder. A lot of fun. I'll keep you in mind for an upcoming meeting where one of our members will demonstrate a high-end system from the 1930s or so, if you'd have an interest.
Thank you, Rcprince. I live in California, so probably can't make one of your meetings, but that really does sound great.