Sourcing a top of the line Jvc mm

In order to complete my JVC ql10 with UA7045 arm I am trying to source a top of the line Jvc MM - not the z1-s. It must have original cantilever as I understand it’s the hollow cantilever that in part contributed to its brilliance. I rue having not bought from our Russian friend Chakster long before the recent war (I do not mean or intend to trivialise)

so can someone help me to source one please?


You are wasting your time and money.

I have a mint JVC/Victor X1mk2 with original stylus and cantilever - never use it - overrated.

Get a mid priced+ Grado or Soundsmith - much better in my view.


Dover, ''I have a mint JVC X-I-mk2 - never used it - overrated.'' This is the most

curious statement you ever made. 

Dear @dover  : I agre@nandric  . That JVC is a good  quality performer and certainly could be overrated against other vintage cartridges as the: Technics EPC100CMK4 ( stand alone version. ) opr the AKG PL 100 LE or the ADC 26 or even the Acutex flat nose 320 or the Empire 4000 D3.

But is a very good performer that in the rigth analog/phono stage rig can outperforms some of the today Grado's or even SS models.


Been a vintage cartridge maybe your JVC sample is not near its operation specs or something with its suspension, who knows but you.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,



best groove, to judge if you like, say, Chinese opera, you need to hear one and

in addition someone who will explain  to you that what you hear IS OPERA.

Well Dover is Kant's  follower with A PRIORI knowledge, He knew that JVC

which he never used is ''OVERRATED''. 

Well Dover is Kant's  follower with A PRIORI knowledge, He knew that JVC which he never used is ''OVERRATED''. 

I never said "I never used it".

I said I never use it.

I would have thought that you would understand the difference between past and present tense.

I have owned it for some years and listened to it with several turntables and various tonearms, some of which cost more than your system. It is not a great cartridge in my view.


Dear @dover  :  "  It is not a great cartridge in my view.. "


Well in your room/system and with your self MUSIC reproduction targets but the cartridge is very good performer. No it's not the best out there but still very good.



My ''dispute'' with Dover is not without ''some'' of my own interest. Those

apply for my past my present and, hopeful  a long future.

I intend to llist my NOS (= aka never heard) JVC X-1 ,mk2 on ebay very

soon. Among other of my 'poor' in comaprisson with dover analog stuff.

Despite my above expressed hope I am busy with my inheritance . 

The  native speakers English have ''easy way out'' by any ''dispute'' by 

referring to their assumed command of English or /and English grammar.

What is an foreigner assumed to replay? Well some of them can

refer to their knowledge of logic which is superioer to English

grammar. English grammar is very simple. It can be reduced to the formula:

''X is P'' . In place of the variable X one can put whatever ''subject'' one

like  and add some predicate as ''description of X'' . Whomever does not believe

this should try to formulate  whatever English sentennce without this formula.

The case in casu is Dovers statement: '' I have a a mint JVC-X1-mk2- never

used it- overrated''

From this statement it is not possible to deduce that he used the cart before.

Instead to refer to my lack of understanding of function of tima or his ''past tense'' 

he only  needed to add the word ''anymore'' . This has nothing to do with

grammar but well with the right choise of words. 

''Anymore'' would imply that he used JVC before. 

iI also got ''reprimand '' from soneone stating  ''your English is obvious second

language''' With obvous .intention. My answer was that English is my 5th

langugage and never heard reply from this person. 




It has nothing to do with English as a second language - you continue to misquote me.

The case in casu is Dovers statement: '' I have a a mint JVC-X1-mk2- never used it- overrated''

This is what I actually said


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You are wasting your time and money.

I have a mint JVC/Victor X1mk2 with original stylus and cantilever - never use it - overrated.

For the second time "use" is present tense.

You keep saying wrongly that I said "used" which is past tense.

There is no dispute, you continue to misquote what I posted, which leads to your erroneous assumption that I have never listened to it - which is wrong.


My assumption is that our forum is discussion forum. . This may mean (grin)

that members put their ARGUMENTS in writing and expect reaction of

OTHER members. Not from the same persons involved in ''welles Welles

Wells''. I mentionedl logical  argument you  still repeit grammar arguemt

about ''past tense'' and ''present tense''. My other argument was that if 

you had added the word '' anymore'' your statment would be more clear

in bothe ''tens'' or time reading. But this word has nothing to with grammar

It is simple  LACKING. 

But to expecti from you ''confession'' that you was wrong is not possible.

Anyway I can remember one single case.