Spatial vs Pure Audio Project

I have been very interested in both of these open baffel designs.  Has anyone heard or compared these two brands? I am not sure which price range I would be buying in yet.  Anyone with any feedback good or bad please comment.
I heard the PAP Trio15s both with the Tang Band full range driver and the horn-loaded (Beyma I believe?) compression driver as well as the Spatial X2s at Axpona.  

Of the three the PAP with the horn was my favorite, followed by the X2, with the PAP with the Tang Band in the rear, it just didn’t have enough HF energy compared to the others, the treble felt prematurely rolled off and too soft.  

The other two were excellent, open, dynamic, articulate, the list goes on.  

Thanks for your feedback on the two brands.  I certainly need to hear the PAP horn loaded speakers.  From what I have read even the lower priced models from both brands represent a great value.
Keep them coming.


Wow, that's quite the review, he has me considering buying a pair now!  I wish they'd had a pair of their M3s or M4s at the show, as the pricing on those models is quite a bit more accessible than the X2.  The X2 also loses a woofer, and through Spatial claims extension down to 20hz on X2 models, they don't include the F3 point like they do with the M3 and M4, so who knows how far rolled off it is by 20hz.  
I was so close to buying the M3's but felt they were too large for my room. 
Spacial does offer a trial period.
Disclaimer: I own M3-Turbo S....

I bought these a couple of years ago and have them in regular rotation with Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1's, Maggie MMG/1.5 qr's, and Gallo 3.1's. Arguments regarding traditional boxes vs open baffles aside, I think these are one of the most well rounded speakers in my stable. They image very well, maybe being a little bit more forward than my Maggies and certainly more than my GMA's, the depth of the sound stage tends to be not as great as with others. However, these speakers look at dynamic hits and swings and handle whatever you can throw at them without breaking a sweat. The bass response is acceptable for most music, with the need for a sub only with electronic and pipe organ pieces. The off axis response from these speaks is simply amazing. Some would argue that that is is simply coloration from the open baffle design, but I suspect you like that particular "coloration" if you are looking at both of these brands. 

As a point in fact, I have never heard another set of speaker that can do what these do at that price point. Simply amazing. 

I have heard a large  POP design at RMAF this past year, and while imaging and top to bottom balance was on point, I just didn't get the sense of visceral punch like I do with my Spatials. That said, Clayton Shaw is a great guy who will spend some time working with you around set up and any questions you might have. Also, he has a generous audition/trial period in which you can see if they work for you.  Since I have owned these I occasionally stop into the local audio shop and listen to speakers that cost 3 to 10 times more and just smile knowing I have most of what those offer at a fraction of the price. 

Let us know what you decide on (go with the Spatials)
Thank you very much for you detailed reply. It seems Spatial owners love their speakers and Clayton Shaw has a great track record in the industry.  If I go with Spatial I would proably go with the M3 Triode.  Again thanks for your input. Keep them coming Spatial and PAP owners.
Anyone one else with experience with either or both brands and what you liked or disliked about them?

I love my X2s.  They dig deep, and image incredibly, even though my space is less than optimal. 

They were expensive, though - they made me upgrade my 20-year-old DAC and transport, and have my Krell rehabbed.  They made me!  I had no choice! :)

And yes, Mr. Shaw is terrific.
Just pulled the trigger on a pair of M3 Turbo S's. Can wait to experience the open baffle design although I am a bit hesitant with them being so different than a box speaker.