Speaker cable advice

I have a pair of Clear Day speaker cables and am looking for an upgrade as I think they are now the weak link in my system.  Looking for something a tad warmer as well with more fleshed out tones.  Any advice appreciated.  

My system: Rega Osiris, Rega Isis, Rega Aura, Rega P10, Harbeth C7ES-3, Shunyata power
Previous cables were all Clear Days, with the Double Shotgun and Paul’s jumpers. Very nice cables and I enjoyed them for many years. Still loved the faces on the sales staff at a local shop when I took them in and we compared them to Kimber 4TC which is probably a similar priced cable. They were astonished to hear how more open and natural Paul’s cables were and sad when I told them the price and he only sold direct. A couple of them ended up buying cables from Paul for their own systems and recommended them to clients. Paul was a great guy. 

I later sold them off and landed with WyWires after talking with Dan Wright. The WyWires are more open, sound less closed in and made my speakers disappear, where as good as the Clear Days were, I struggled with them on that task. Not sure the WyWires really warmed things up, but I did feel the Clear Days were a tad cooler, and maybe a little thin in comparison.
You didn’t mention you interconnects, which would be helpful to know. 

07-29-2021 3:42pm
      "What tvad and nonoise said, +1 (each)! "
+1 @rodman99999  for that acknowledgement 😊. Agree. 
Sorry, current IC’s are TEO Audio Ultras. And yes, Paul was a great guy.  I'll always hang onto my Clear Days for another application.  
Get a few popular brands and simply try them. Take a small hit with restock fees. That’s the easiest and straight forward way to do it.

Your cables were a "flavor of the month" with glowing testimonials here awhile back.
Clearly, it’s just a subjective thing.

Once you find your liking, avoid asking for cable suggestions on forums.
Nothing but a clash of opinions from all angles. Waste of time.
Your cables were a "flavor of the month" with glowing testimonials here awhile back.

With respect to “flavor of the month”, Clear Day Cables’ longevity in the spotlight was undoubtedly cut short by the untimely death of the company owner. Continued strong resale value many years later is a testament to their quality and reputation.