Speaker Cable choice, Cardas, AQ, JPS or SR?

I realised that it is system dependent as well but I have listened to the following so far in my set up;
1) Cardas Hexlink 5C (being used currently)
The sound is taut and bold. Bass sounding very good but vocals (midrange?) seems a bit "congested".
2) Audioquest Mont Blanc DBS (36v).
The sound is neutral & open. All LF, MF & HF seem to have extra details vs the Cardas. Vocals does not sound congested but LF may be in the same category as the Cardas.
I have a choice of going to a Audioquest Volcano DBS (72v) and was wondering if anyone else have experience and opinons on any these and/or other choices in the same price range.
I have easy access to Synergistic Research and JPS labs cables.
Thanks in advance for your inputs.
If you like the Cardas sound then look for a pair of the Golden Hexlink 5-Cs they are real good and cheap. They will fix the mid range you are experiencing now.

Happy Listening.
I would expect the Mont Blanc and Volcano to sound about the same unless your speakers are quite insensitive or low impedance with the cables carrying lots of current. If the latter, I'd expect Volcano to sound better with its higher-net-gage material.

I like AQ stuff, generally; my system sounds wonderful thru its AQ speakercable.
I have not tried the Golden Hexlink 5-Cs and I 'm not sure if I have a chance unless I get a used pair from the gon. So far the AQ Mont Blanc has been very pleasing or neutral and it does not show itself in anyone one area, a good thing. Another thing I discovered about the Mont Blanc and I 'm not sure if it because of the DBS feature, it's sonic signature does not change from the beginning to the end of a listening session.
The AQ Mont Blanc has shown itself more after 2 weeks in my setup but now I find the HF & MF have a bit more bite (brigthness?) to my liking. The dealer suggested that the reason might be the AQ is not a bi-wired version and I had to use jumpers to connect them to my speakers bi-wire post.

I decided to try a bi-wired pair of Cardas Golden Cross and things are sounding very promising after 2 days of settling in. Compared to the Hexlink it has certainly show itself more in every aspect. The bass has more weight & tightness, the mids liquid & "tubelike" and the highs are detail without any hint of brightness. Some may think Cardas signature sound is "coloured" though so as usual YMMV.

I can only hope things will get better with the GC as it continue to settle in .......
Hi Ipy,

The more you play the Cardas Golden Cross the better they will start to sound as all the Cardas cables do. The Golden Cross are warm and musical....very pleasent to listen to. Later you might want to try the Golden Reference. I agree that some think the Cardas cables are colored however if you like the sound of your system and the music is fun to listen to then by all means enjoy the sound these cables bring to your music. Also, try the Cardas ic`s and pc`s.

happy listening
As a previous Volcano user, I would recommend listening to the AQ KE-4 and AQ KE-6 silver speaker cables. Even the cheaper KE-4, which costs only 2/3 of Volcano, is vastly superior than the most expensived AQ copper cable (Volcano). Much more open, and much more natural sounding, especially in the midrange, where MB/Volcano are a little bit to forward for my liking.

AQ KE-4 actually made me sell the more expensive AQ Volcano. And even though, I eventually settled on a fabulous AQ Kilimanjaro (which basicly is KE-6 with a more elaborated geometry), I still think, that for the money, nothing can touch KE-4. IMO KE-4 is the best value cable in their whole lineup.