Speaker cable recommendations for Pass Labs INT-250 & Dynaudio HS

Completing my new system and have finally gotten to the cable choices. Kind of overwhelming to be honest. Have spent a fair amount of time reading various threads here but it all seems to come down to 1-match cables to your particular component choices, and/or 2-audition various options using something like the Cable Co. lending program. So I'm looking for starting recommendations given my system. Source will be Roon endpoint running into a Holo Audio May KTE DAC feeding a Pass Labs INT-250 into Dynaudio Heritage Specials. So far, from reading here, it seems these are some good options:

- Reality Cables

- Cerious Tech Graphene

- Zavfino

- Audio Envy

- Silversmith Fidelium (not crazy about ribbon cables as I have to run my SC under my living room floor for WAF.)

Can the 'experience trust' here at Audiogon make any specific recommendations given my components? Thank you!


Even dealing with the ribbons, go for Fideliums. May be "best regardless of price".

My experience is in 50 years I never once tried to "match" components. Waste of time. Silly, when you bother to think about it. I mean it is not like these things change how they work. It really is loopy. If that were the case why would you even ask? It would be pointless. The only opinion that would matter is your twin with the exact same everything. Nuts to that.

Instead, study listener reviews and evaluations. When people like mglik say Fideliums are good for the money, don't ask, "When used with what?" Instead ask, "Why do you say that? How do they sound?" When you get answers that agree with how you want things to sound, follow along, learn some more, because that is what you want. Regardless of whatever other components you have.

You can have home trials of the Silversmith and Zavfino cables. I'd definitely try them first if I were you. I had the Silversmith Fideliums for a couple of weeks and sent them back. They lost too much detail and space for me. I also bought five Zavfino power cords and sold them all. Also, tried Cerious Graphene Matrix interconnects and they were ok. I sold them immediately. I'm glad to be finished with cable shopping. Just say "No" to cable hysteria.

@misterwiggles113 - In-Akustik would be a step up from those mentioned above, but a little more pricey.

Or try Nordost

But the Zavfino range seem to be an exceptional bang for the buck because of their use of UP-OCC copper and exceptional cable geometry

Regards - Steve

I am sure @mozartfan will sell you some lamp cord....

I have had good results with Signal Cable Silver Resolution, Blue Jeans Cable Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable (get it on Amazon) and Raven Audio Soniquil Audiophile Speaker Cable.

Review of Raven Cables here.


Thanks for all the responses from everyone so far. @dalims4 given your feedback, what did you ultimately end up with? I'm not considering Zavfino PCs, just their speaker cables and ICs.

I will say that my original plan was to just go with Canare but then started to doubt myself given all the posts here.

Zavfino for sure. Several tiers depending on your price point.

For you I would recommend Prima MKII at $625 retail, 2.5 meter pair. IMO best bang for the buck in their lineup. 9 gauge OCC. 


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I will say that my original plan was to just go with Canare but then started to doubt myself given all the posts here.

Not following that logic.


This is the final report on the Canare 4S11 cables.  I let the 25 foot pair break in on my secondary system for almost 19 days 24/7.  At the 445 hour mark, I reinserted them into my main system.  I first removed the $1500.00 Groneberg Quattro Reference speaker cables and coiled them up under the floor in case I decided to go back to them. After my son helped me install the Canare cables (I had to make larger holes in the floor for the banana plugs to fit) and routing them perfectly, I am happy to say my system now sounds much better.  I no longer have the softness in highs I had with the Groneberg cable and the bass is tighter and deeper.  I was always under the impression that the higher the price, the better the cable.  The fact that a $130.00 pair of speaker cables bested a $1500.00 pair should be a lesson for everyone regarding price VS performance.    Now I have the Canare in both of my systems and I am one happy audiophile. 


All Van den Hul. Mountain interconnects, Cumulus speaker cables, and Mainsstream and Mainsserver power cables. 
I tried several brands of interconnects first and couldn't find any that sounded any better than the vdH Orchids I was replacing. The only thing I didn't like about the Orchids is that they were light on bass. Excellent soundstage and detail. The used pair of Cumulus I'd been scouring the earth for appeared and I was able to get them and sell my AQ Thunderbird Zero and break even. I tried several brands when I was replacing my AQ power cables and liked the Zavfinos.Turns out they were the source of the noise I was getting. Bought a used authentic Mainsstream and loved it so I bought the other one from the same guy. Found two more here and bought them and paid retail for the Mainsserver. It's a smaller diameter version of the Mainsstream for sources. The time I put into it was definitely worth it. Teo GC2s and the Cerious Graphene Matrix were the best of what I tried but nothing came close to the vdHs. Beware of fake and non factory vdHs. They're everywhere.

Agree with millercarbon , describe what sound you are looking for so that you can get more speciifc versus generalized comments and/or do your research based upon that specific sound. The likelihood of anyone being able to provide recommendations based upon your specific equipment combination  I’d suspect is pretty low

FWIW, I use Kimber 8TC with my Heritage Specials and Kimber Hero interconnects. There is a reason these are classic goto recommendations.

Listen and compare. 

And I would resist buying the 'best' cables and interconnects until you have the major components you like.  

I had Canare 4S11s and was very happy. And then I upgraded my amp and speakers- even happier. 

Then I experimented with interconnects and cables and they improved my experience further. But the biggest impact in money spent was definitely on the speaker upgrade and the amp not the cables.

Budget is key? Not saying that expensive is necessarily better, but budget gets the ball rolling. FWIW, I just added Transparent Reference speaker cables to my system and found the end game. I've tried many, many others. These are the sweet spot of $$ and sonics. Just excellent.

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Thanks again for all the responses. To answer some of the questions asked of me:

- Budget is flex. But I value performance over cable 'jewelry'.

- My longest run is 17' to the left speaker. It's only a 5' run to the right speaker. From what I've read it I really don't need to make my SCs the same length unless I care about resale value, which I don't.

- I'm running the cables down under my LR floor and will place them is hard plastic split loom or conduit and then bring them back up directly behind each speaker.

- I don't yet have any ICs. This is a new system so I need all new cables including PCs assuming that is worth the cost. I am installing a dedicated 20a circuit for the amp.

As for sound preferences I'm seeking, I can't really say. I really don't want any coloration of sound from my cables nor does the science of it suggest this is really even possible. Opinions vary I realize. But for overall sound the Pass amp is one of the closest SS amps that gives a 'tube like' sound, so perhaps a bit on the warmer side. My DAC is generally accepted to be neutral and transparent which is one of the reasons I settled on it. Not sure if that helps.

My comment about starting with Canare 4S11 and then having doubts came from reading many posts on Audiogon, not just the posts in this thread. But I think my updated plan will be to get Canare and use that as my inexpensive baseline before auditioning 'high end' cables based on some of the suggestions here. That way I can validate whether I notice enough of an improvement over the Canare to merit the cost. Thanks again for all the comments.

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Look into Morrow Cable. Their upper level cables really are very, very good and they can do custom orders. Transparent will as well. I'm sure there are others. Touch call how to handle those extremes in length. A foot or two is one thing, but a 12' discrepancy is significant. Possibly a bit of an impedance mismatch. Something to consider.

As a few have suggested go with Canare 4S11

I’m currently using them with my Pass 250.8 and Magnepan 3.7i. you’ll be able to spend the leftover cash on music.

Thank you @johnto That's great. Pulling the trigger on the 4S11 and then will audition some others suggested by other folks in this thread. My wife has already been trained to be a double blind testing assistant. :-)

How did your system turn out? I have Holo May KTE with Hegel H390 driving Heritage Specials. Thinking of upgrading to Pass Labs INT-250.