Speaker cables bi wiring for front towers

Hi all, curious what people suggest for a good bi wire speaker cable? Any good manufacturers that don’t break the bank? Thanks



$500 or <

However, I am curious what people’s views are on how much difference these really make as you go up the price level. 

I’ve not had much luck in bi-wiring. While I have not done extensive testing, a couple of my systems have been biwired. Now, bi-amping, that is a different story.

What is your equipment? This can help. There is a place under your UserID to put some photos and ID your equipment. This really helps us tell where you are coming from.

My default budget wires are DHLabs. They make really great cost effective  products.

I would recommend as high a quality speaker cable as you can afford. Skip the bi-wire. once you have optimized all the power cords and interconnects then add a set of good jumpers to replace the flat plate jumpers that come with your speaker… later.

This would be my first venture in bi wiring, it was previously bi amped but I’m now using a McIntosh mc300 to the mains. Marantz SR5011 receiver.  I have it completely pulled apart at the moment, but will add a photo when back up and running! :). I will check out those cables you recommended!

At your price you should just buy better single wire cables and better jumpers.

I have B&W 801 Matrix and I have them tri wired with the HF and the MF bi wired. I am using Straight Wire Crescendo. Straight Wire Crescendo brings out the very best in your speakers. 

I would find one pair of speaker cables you like best and then add a second pair of identical cables. If you take your time, it will be easy to hear if you should keep one or both pairs. For my current speakers bi-wiring actually makes a noticeable difference, but with some speakers in the past, I could not tell.