Speaker cables for Focal 1038 Be?

Looking to pair speaker cables for my Focals...
Likely to buy used. Ideas, experience! Budget $500-$800...
Any wire of sufficient gauge (thickness) and moderate capacitance and inductance will work just as fine as any fancy megabuck cable - contrary to what wire maniacs will claim! Monster is an easy recommendation! 
True - fat pure copper wire and you're good - Jacques Mahul would agree; that's what they use in their own systems.
 I switched to Cerious Technology Graphene Extreme from some Morrow cable and am very happy with results. I would avoid silver. Best thing I did for these speakers was recently added Iso Acoustics  Gaia feet. Wow!! Huge improvement. Bigger than a component upgrade, improvement in bass response not subtle.Strongly advised

Buy anything but Monster. Noel Lee is one of the biggest Aholes in the business.  I believe he is out of the Audio business now. He was involved in Bitcoin mining and he lost his money.  
@larseand - speakers of this caliber really deserve some very good cables.

I would only consider cables such as ...
  • Silversmith Fedelium Speaker cables  - a pair of 10ft cables is $1400, which in todays world is not too bad. A lot of people on this forum like them
  • Inakustik speaker cables are even better, but more expensive
Anything else will not be doing these speakers justice

If you are into DIY I can recommend an exceptional alternative, but they are for a more advance DIYer

Let me know - Steve
I had a pair of vintage 10AWG Monster speaker cables. These things sounded fantastic. I wish I kept them. It was their top of the line cable then. Thick black insulation. Very stiff, I had to move the component rack away from the wall a bit. 

I may seek out a used pair
I would avoid avoid silver because the Be tweeter is hot enough as it is, but you never know for sure until you try it in your own system. The best advice I can give is to get some loaners from your dealer and hear for yourself.

My best cable for Electra 1038BE is the Mogami W3104.

I would avoid silver too.