Speaker Cables to Power Amp - Left to Right/Right to Left; Does it matter?

I have space issues in attaching my speaker cables to my power amp. It is easier to connect Right speaker to amp Left terminals, and Left speaker to amp Right terminals. So long as positive and negative attachments are correct, does this matter? None of the components in my system inverts phase, if that is relevant. Thank you. Neal
It will reverse the imaging -- that's all. To fix that, just reverse R and L inputs to the power amp as well.
Do as mike_in_nc says. You do not want the left and right channels reversed. 
Definitive used to do that here in Seattle. Had some Mark Levinson amp with honkin thick speaker cables they could not make work the right way. So they swap the cables, swap the inputs, and nobody the wiser.
In orchestral music the cellos are always on the right (from the view of the conductor and audience).  It would totally mess with me to swap the channels. 
It certainly won’t hurt anything with the equipment. Just do as others have said, swap everything left to right... then you will get a drummers ear view of the band!
Reverse your ears OR reverse the inputs! In other words, an even number of switches (inputs, outputs) will put everything the way it's meant to be; and odd number (just outputs, or ears/inputs/outputs) will flip the image.  But you knew that already.