Speaker Help-B W,alon,AudioPhysic,Aerial

Hi All,
I am planning to upgrade my speakers in an attempt to obtain more realistic vocals and improved soundstage, while retaining relatively fast bass (and maybe go a little deeper). I am looking to spend between $2000 to $2800 (used), and I had decided to go with B&W M802SIII (inc. sound anchors). However, in researching this a little more, I am also considering AP virgos, Aerial 7B, and Alon V MkII. My current set up is a Pioneer PD65 with Assemblege DAC 2.6 and D2D-1, Adcom GFP750, Aragon 4004 MkII, and B&W M803 SII (with sound anchors). The next upgrade will probably be the Aragon, but I plan to stay with SS. I believe the 802 will improve the soundstage over the 803 due to its isolated midrange unit, but I am not sure that there will be much other improvement. The AP are perennial Class A, and the Alons seem to be highly regarded for their open baffle design. I listen to rock (not metal) and blues. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I third the Virgo :-) It think it'll integrate easily into yr system and yr musical tasets, & benefit from future amp upgrades. However, don't miss a chance to give the Alons a listen... (don't know the 7Bs).
Good luck!
I don't know about the virgo's, but based on the above, go with the virgo's. I am thinking seriously about it after all that. I will say the 7b's are probably not what you are looking for, based on what you said, and what I heard last saturday afternoon. Though the 8b's would be it.
Thanks everyone, I apprecate your "consensus" feedback! My only concern regarding the virgos was what I had read about placement considerations and how they sound better when placed toward the middle of the listening room, which would be hard for me to do. However, after your response, it seems virgos are the one to beat! Thanks again - Tim