Speaker pairing suggestions to go w/ NAD M33


I recently purchased a NAD M33 and I'm looking for recommendations for speakers to go with it. I'll have a small/medium size room and office that I can dedicate space to my set-up. I mostly listen to jazz, rock/metal, blues and jam bands. At the moment I'm planning on using the NAD as the sole source - no phono, CD, etc.

I don't mind spending some money here...up to $30k would be fine. But also don't want to get into a price/performance range that extends beyond the M33. I've poked around looking at Magico, Revel and Wilsons.

Any help or suggestions would be great.



nad m33 sounds amazing with warmer loudspeakers


the dali epcons 8 will challenge any 20-30k loudspeakers


they have a huge soundstage  warm midrange and tight bass extremely musical


Dave and Troy

audio intellect NJ

dali and naim dealers

+1 @audiotroy's advice

m33 is on the leaner side sonically

so its better with speakers with a more rich full sound

think harbeth vandersteen classic spendors that ilk

magico’s and (older) wilsons are the wrong direction 

Check out the Wilson Benesch Precision series.  P2.0 or P3.0s would be ideal.  They are very precise and extremely well designed and sound very big.  They are also particularly neutral and will pair well with that integrated.  I have had the amp section (C298) of that M33 paired with a different pair of WBs and was quite pleased with the result.  

So Many great choice. You really have to audition at these price points. I’ve heard that amp with a few different speakers like Vandersteen Quatro’s (which is what I own) as well as Proac’s and a Wilson. I’m a Vandersteen guy obviously, but I loved what it did on the others as well. It’s a wonderful piece. 

im sure it would also sound great with Harbeth, but you have to audition. 

OP here - thank you everyone.

Will keep digging and doing research. I'd like to learn more about the Wilson Benesch but their website is either terrible or not working.

Always up for more suggestions - the research is half the fun and I won't be in my space for some time.