Speaker upgrade - suggestion

Hello all,
I currently have B&W DM640s with a Velodyne DM4000 sub. They sound great to me, but I feel it is currently the next best place to upgrade the sound.

I like the B&W sound, looking at the 803D, but wondering if there are other options I should consider that makes the most out of my other components.

My pre is a Mapletree 4A SE, and the power amp is a McIntosh MC7200.

Setup is in a large / bright room, I like to crank it loud, and currently listen to jazz, rock, latin, and almost everything else.

Have read lots about the Von Schweikert VR4 JRs, but have not heard them in person. Also, maggies are not an option for me; Was told by someone know hows quite a lot that they would not work in my room.

BTW I'd prefer a well rounded speaker, not something that sounds great only with specific types of music.

Depends on budget - but for the price of VR4's I'd look at the PSB Synchrony Speakers. Best buy on the planet imho.

There are lots of great speakers to choose from though.
Can you demo some Dynaudio's. Maybe the new focus 360's - contour 5.4's or confidence C2 or C4? I was in the market for B&W's until I heard the Dyns. I would think with those that I mentioned you could get rid of the sub. Of course it depends on your budget.
These are my favorite speakers in the 3-5K price range - go demo and then try the ones you like best in your home if possible:

-Usher Be-718, small but potent

-PSB Synchrony One (agree with Tbonedeluxe above)

-Totem Acoustic Forest - surprising bass for size and number of drivers

-Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II - look funny (to me), sound great

-Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand - smooth, smooth, smooth (Concert Grand has slightly more bass for more $$)

-Dynaudio Focus 360 - (agree with Xti16 above, but pricey)

-Devore Fidelity Gibbon Nine - spendy but nice

-Revel F52 - spend-ier but nice-r
hi, the revel f52 would be a great choice, one of my favorite speakers , regardless of cost. voiced a tad on the warm side, a good thing in my opinion. huge sound stage, lots of real detail and transparency, without the thin sound that usually comes with detail. good luck, chris
I recently changed my speakers (it was not really an upgrade). I auditioned a number that others have suggested (PSB Synchrony One, Totem Forest, Standmounted Dynaudio Contours (I forget the model), the Vandersteen 2CEs, and the VA Beethoven Baby Grands.

I went into the process expecting to fall in love with the PSBs. One of two regrets in my audio 'progression' is selling my Stratus Bronze loudspeakers. One of the dealers had the Gallo Reference 3.1s on the floor, and I asked to have a listen. They had never made my list of candidates. I was blown away and ordered them the next day. I recommend giving them a listen. I'm not sure how they would perform in a room of your size, but I can tell you that they handle rock, jazz, punk, etc very well and are happy to play loud.
"Setup is in a large / bright room, I like to crank it loud, and currently listen to jazz, rock, latin, and almost everything else."

May I suggest you start by addressing your room acoustics before changing out your speakers? The room your system is in has the biggest influence on the overall sound reproduction and properly addressing room acoustics provides the biggest ROI IME.

Blaming the speaker for poor or underwhelming performance when sited in a room with poor acoustics(which is most domestic rooms)is a sure fire path to the audio merry-go-round. Address the fundamentals first, then the dollars spent afterwards will go a lot further.